Sound advice not just for pet owners but husbands as well!

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  1. So today we had an emergency case come in to the clinic, a cat who had been oh high heat tumble dry cycle for about 15 minutes at the clients house. After much ado of getting the cat's body temp down from 108, and starting shock therapy, and getting the cat stabilized and working towards a good recovery, we realized that the poor guy who not only had to admit to not checking the open dryer before adding more clothes to it where the cat was, but was now making the difficult call to his wife who actually was the cats person.:( Soon there after wife shows up at the clinic, by this time the cat is stable, and we are working towards a plan for the overnight care of the cat. Wife asks to borrow an exam room to "talk" to the husband. OF course we obliged, being a mostly female staff, 95% of which are PMSing right now.:nonono:


    now after hearing this there was few straight faces in the entire clinic, which brings me to the moral of the story...

    Pet owners, please check your dryers first before you hit the dry cycle button.

    Husbands- double check again before starting the dryer, as this very well could be you...
    :bang: :doh: :stupid:

    In other news, the cat is doing much better, still being monitored at the clinic, will post more later on in the thread.

  2. I'm sorry..... I can't help it..... I know it was very dangerous and terrible for the cat...... but that's just toooo freaking funny! :rlaugh:

    The poor SOB; it's gonna cost him the most expesive dinner in Leesville (never mind, thats $5.95 at Arby's) make it the most expensive dinner in Baton Rouge, jewelry, and laundry detail for a year-and-a-half to get out of this one. But, it's still funny! :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: I can't help it, my eyes are watering.

    Of course I am the guy that's given your sister's cat flying lessons -and a shower. But at least she's learned to leave me alone when I'm in bed or the bathroom. :mad:

    Glad to hear the cat's gonna make it okay, though.....

    By the way (here I go again) is by any chance her name Fluffy??? :lol: Lord help me, I just can't stop............ :nonono:
  3. You're not helping my case any there, Starsky! :nono:

    Lord, I'm losing it again...... I keep looking at that one line:

    Okay, I give up....I'm just gonna go to bed and wait for the telephonic grumpiness I'll be getting tomorrow
  5. But, did he at least use one of those dryer sheets to make things softer????

    OK, SD, I'm right there with ya for the brickbats to start flying...:chair: :chair:
  6. I disagree....I think he may have relieved himself of laundry duty for a while.

  7. Do you think the cat learned a lesson?
  8. Tink - I gotta the cat Permanent Press???:scratch:


  9. No more like never hand dry only!!!!

    Anyway, the poor thing appears to not have suffered any really bad trama to the nervous system or injured anything physically. She went home today for continued monitoring by her family so as to help her maybe get things back together. There was 2nd degree burns to most of her pads, but we put her on a good antibiotic and some awesome pain killers for kitties (Like the at home version of valium or morphine) So she's feelin pretty good. She's supposed to be coming in for a recheck tommorow, with a recheck every couple of days.

    Now for the part StangDreamin doesn't want to hear, doesn't need to hear just yet...

    In an attempt to threadjack my own thread.... Anybody know of anybody looking to adopt a heeler? came in as a stray( apparently dumped off given the command to stay, and then owners never came back) day before yesterday, sweet as can be, about6 mos to a year younger then my pup Latigo at home. Been looking into a possible pet plan with some friends of mine here to either foster her until someone who understands that she's gonna need special care, or until I can figure out a way to get myself back to AZ to get my own place and she could maybe become Latigo's little sister. She'll be tested for Heartworms tommorow, will be up to date on microchip, shots, even a spay and heartworm prevention if I can find her a good home, if not , then I go back to the same buds who have been discussing a pet plan ( a single soldier's way of having a pet while they live in the barracks) and foster her until a good owner comes along. If you're interested, send me a message, I have tons of pics of her, and subsequently have kinda given her the name Breena.
  10. Maybe her collar should read "Dry Clean Only!"
  11. How about maybe, "Did the owners learn to close the effing door????"
    Probably not..... I'm guessing Tink has been gone long enough (since it was n't part of her "moral to the story") to forget how many billllions of times her Dad said it! Especially that one memorable midnight when he walked -in pitch darkness- out of the master bathroom into the kitchen; smacking headlong into a kitchen cupboard door hanging open into the passageway. :bang: The neighbors down the block heard my masterful command of Boiler Room Language as I crawled around on the floor (blood dripping from my schnozz) while looking for the lens that popped out of my glasses on impact.
    Scared the H**L out of both the girls (Matty hadn't been born yet); but I guess she forgot - else the moral to the story would have included "CLOSE THE G(blank) D(blank) mother(blank)ing door, you stupid (blank)ing (bleep)holes! Blank, blank, blinkity-bleeping-blank sonofa(bleeep)!!!" :p

    Find her a good home, Trish. My Chow-puppie's still going strong each day (although her eyes are going and her hearing is about gone); so it's not time for a Heeler-pup for me just yet. BTW - JD and Tina's dog had another litter; Eddie and Loki ended up with a little female (was Portia, now called Lani) who's marked up almost like Latigo was when he was a pup. Figure she'll probably darken down ("un-roan"? :shrug: ) to be about his coloration when she matures. I told Eddie that, when Lani comes in heat, I'll take Latigo over so they can "play" for a while...... he told Loki and she asked me if I had ever seen the nose-end of a .40S&W round up-close???? :scratch:
    I had no clue Loki could be so mean :nonono:
  12. I am glad to see that this really isn't an uncommon occurance. We have 3 cats, added two from the humane society just a few weeks ago. With our original cat we never had any issues with her playing/sleeping in the dryer. But the Kitten appearntly couldn't avoid the allure of the soft warm clothes and decided to take a nap in the dryer, (Which my wife left open). We are still in the mode where we are checking up on where the new cats are (good Thing). I started looking for the cats and went in to the laundry room to get them some treats. We couldn't find the kitten (Thelma). I heard a few muffled Meows, but couldn't tell where they were coming from, it almost sounded like they were outside the window. Something told me to check the dryer. There was poor little Thelma. The fortunate part is she was only in on wrinkle release (lo/no heat) so she was just a bit shook up. My wife felt soooo bad.

  13. I certainly hope they had their claim ticket when they picked her up. My cleaners won't even look at me if I come for pick-up w/o my claim stub!
  14. For some strange reason, I just flashed on the image of a cat in the dryer appearing very much like a hamster on it's exercise wheel...........a (more than one) way for Flabby the Tabby to become a real hot Kitty Kat!:lol:
  15. I feel bad for the cat but to be honest with you it is a mistake, i feel bad for the poor sucker that is going to be hearing "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU TUMBLE-DRIED MY CAT!" for the rest of his life, he was actually probably trying to be nice by doing the laundry and look how that turned out.
  16. LOL. Poor kitty, but I can't stop laughing.

    Luckily, our cats don't get into our laundry room (that's Trixie's domain). About the worst that they do is try to run through doors as we're closing them. I've nearly decapitated Emily several times.

  17. Glad they have some common sense. Nice to see that they're...

    (here it comes)

    ...keeping their heads about them!

    :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:

    <---Wife is rolling here eyes and calling him an idiot.
  18. Did Kitty look anything like this:


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