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  1. My 68 vert w/ a 302 has 20" glasspacks and tri-ys. That was fine until I put in a more aggressive cam (.48 lift, 210 duration - a torque cam, but still much louder than stock). Now the car is too loud for me. Two questions:

    1. Should my new system have 2 1/4 inch piping or a different size?

    2. How can I get a feel for the sound difference between the Flowmaster Delta 40 and Delta 50? Other mufflers to consider?
  2. if you are concerned with loud, stay away from the flowmaster 40's. and most likely the 50's, too. you will end up with a very annoying drone at about 2500-3000 rpm, too boot. i love the sound of my 65 with 2 1/2" exhaust into an x pipe, magnaflows, which exit through the valance... it sounds just like marios 'vette!
  3. Was that the kit?

    Is that the Magnaflow 15815 kit? Where did you find the best price, if it was?

  4. Yes, 2.5" exhaust with Magnaflows is what you want. Mandril bent if you can get it.
  5. i pretty much cobbled mine up, i used summits x pipe kit, the magna flows, a pair of hedmans offsets (for the 45 degree bend out of my shorties,) and flowmasters tailpipe kit. as a sidebar, i was able to hang the tailpipes high enough to come through the valance with no additional bending.
  6. if you are willing to spend the money for a new system, then go with 2 1/4" pipe all the way out the back. as for mufflers, i would use a good turbo muffler, or the magnaflows. if you get your new system in, and it still seems too loud, i would use exhaust tips with a small resonator built in to kill more of the noise. i think however as long as you use an H pipe and a good turbo muffler, your system shouldnt be too loud.
  7. A 2.5" with an X and magnaflows will not be loud at all on a 302. Why use 2.25" ?
  8. The "drone" can almost always be eliminated by altering the position of the mufflers. In other words, one muffler will be 6" further forward than the other. Six inches is just a random number; experimentation would be required to get the best length of pipe before the muffler. Ford did this on the Fox body Mustangs from the factory for this very reason. That being said, an engine will be louder with the same exhaust if it is making more power, so it sounds like you have made a good move with the cam.
  9. Anyone have some sound clips of the MAgnaflow/X-pipe?
  10. I have Flowmaster 50's on my 68 convertible and it sounds great. I did not want it to be too loud either. I am very happy with my choice. I have an h pipe. My system was custom made since the out of the box performance kits were not available at that time from flowmaster or magna flow. I don't know if you can get a setup now for a convertible. My advice is take it to an exhaust shop that does hot rods and have them put a system together.

    Everyone that hears my car now says it sounds mean and nasty. That may be becasue of the supercharger I have though. :D
  11. 68EFIvert, is it still fairly loud when you put your foot to the floor? Is there any sort of "drone" at 2000-2500 rpms? I bet it sounds great.
  12. I just got done with the engine and the car is taken apart for paint work now. I brought it home this past week because of a fluid leak at a head bolt. It is loud enough for the neighborhood guys to come over when the car was idling and loud enough for my wife to say "I didn't think it would be that loud." When my wife heard it it was parked in the garage so you can imagine what it was like and she doesn't know it has a blower.:hide: I am sure it will quiet down a bit once the interior, sound deadener and seats go back in.

    I don't really know what the droan sound is but I don't notice anything unusual when I have reved the engine or held it at rpm for a few seconds. The mufflers don't appear to be staggered and quite frankly I don't think theyt could be becasue of the length of the 50's case. It is a few inches longer than the 40 series. I love the sound. Not obnoxiously loud but loud enough to say watch out to any challengers. :D It is a nice compromise.

    I would choose these mufflers again in a second. The big thing is have a quality exhaust shop do the work. My guy was able to put the 2 1/2" exhaust in the tunnel by the drive shaft. He went over the convertible support plate. The only part of the exhaust you see from the side is the headers. By routing them this way he wasn't able to put a X in so I have an H pipe.
  13. The dreaded "drone" is the sound at cruise speed where you want to put ear plugs in and stick your head out of the window. I have 40 series dumps on my car and when in my drone band, you almost have to yell during a conversation. It is very boomy inside my car and that is after a ton of insulation.
  14. Learn something new every day. Thanks for the info Zo6. I guess I will find out when the car gets on the road if I have the "drone" sound.
  15. Dumps tend to make drone WAY worse.
  16. z06, you van go to magnaflows website, and listen to two different sound bytes of a mustang, one at idle , and one is gettin' on it...
  17. I have an 02 mustang gt it has a flow master american thunder cat back exhaust system it sounds awesome but I was wondering what I could do to make it louder but keep the sound
  18. I had Flowmaster 40 series on my car. The drone was terrible. Chambered mufflers sound like a hollow tin can anyway. I have Dynomax Ultraflo and really like them. After that I would choose Superturbo or Magnaflow. Also I will never run dumps again, been there done that.