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  1. Hey, I've got a 2003 Gt with the Mach 460 sound system. Shortly after I bought it the CD Player went kaput and after looking around I figured I would be better off replacing the head unit and speakers rather than take a chance with fixing the old CD changer. I picked up a JVC headunit: and also 2 pairs of speakers:
    I also picked up a 4 channel amp:
    I installed the HU and the 4 speakers. I wired the speakers into the stock tweeter wires. I have not installed the amp yet. The system just does not sound right. The lows are not very punchy unless I have the "loud" feature turned on but then the highs sound too loud. I've heard that sometimes 2 high quality front speakers sound better than 4 mid quality ones. Any opinions on this? I would like to add an 8" sub to add some more bass. I was also thinking of mounting the rear speakers in a vertical plane on a panel flush mounted to the back of the seats and than run the system with the seats down. Would that help the sound staging? Most of the sound seems to come from the back, but if I fade some to the front speakers they just don't sound very good. Any suggestions? Thanks for your time.
  2. I had a problem similar to this is my girl's car, but it was her back speakers that were just not sounding good. I eventually wired them to a separate amp, and that solved her problem completely. As for the quality of speakers, in my experience, it makes a big difference. However, I've had kenwoods before and they're not the greatest, but they really shouldn't be having issues like this. Have you played with the tuning on the head unit itself? Sometimes the tune they come with is just completely terrible and makes it sound worse than it is. Lastly, to get the best sound your idea to mount the speakers so that you can just put the seats down will give you better sound. I have a kicker sub installed right behind my seat and when I put the seat down the sound quality is immediately better. Hope this helps and good luck with everything!
  3. Factory speakers are made to play through a broader range of sound more efficiently, where as an aftermarket speaker (assuming it's quality) is meant to play mids and highs with much better quality and volume. Probably part of the problem is that the door isn't properly sealed to create a chamber for a punchy midbass. Your best option, if you are going for pure SQ would be a set of Q-logic kick panel enclosures, run your 4 speakers off of your H/U, get you a quality set of components, and run them active off the 4-channel in the kicks. The sound stage will be much better, the components will be able to play slightly lower, and you can mod the panel to have a sealed chamber for the component to have a "punchy" sound. It isn't true midbass, but unless you want to fiberglass your doors, it's about the best OEM style option out there. And as for sub placement, I've found that sub back, port towards passenger side is the loudest. I was doing a 142db USACi Outlaw style in the kick off that, when I switched to sub forward port forward, I'd dipped to 139db. It's not TERRIBLE to do sub forward port forward, my new build is that way, but unless you take the time to properly seal the baffle off from the rest of the trunk, you will get some WICKED cancellation from the backwaves.
  4. Thanks for your replies. Yeah, I played with the EQ on the head unit. I dont really understand what the "Q" function is for and the bass, mid, and high settings. I dont mean the level +1 or something. It has an option that picks different frequencies within bass, mid and high. I checked out the Q logic kick panel enclosures but I've got a 5 speed and there is no way I would give up the dead pedal or the extra foot room. Its already tight enough down there. I ordered a set of Infinity Kappa components for the front. I'll install them and see how they sound. I also got an Infinity 10" sub, so hopefully that will add all the punch I need. I was planning on installing that stuff this weekend but I came down with the dang flu. Maybe next weekend.
  5. If you're still running the factory amp to the rear, you probably have a level mismatch. Meaning the new head unit is putting audio out at a different level than the stock amp. Best bet now, is to bypass that amp...
  6. Well, your best bet is to ALWAYS leave the H/U's EQ flat, otherwise when you start attempting to boost certain frequencies instead of cut frequencies that are loud, you'll drive an amp into clipping and burn some coils on speakers. Set your EQ to flat, and then cut any frequencies that are loud or harsh...
    Oh, and as for the kick panel enclosures, my 06 GT is a 5-spd as well, and while it does suck to lose the dead pedal, if you are actually serious about high quality, competition level SQ, kicks are a must. If you're wanting to just keep an OEM look and have way better sound, then I wouldn't do them. They help the sound stage a LOT and really make the music come to life, but they are a bit of a pain in the @$$ to live with, especially in my DD lol.