Sound Stage - Front Or Rear

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  1. Subject vehicle is 92 LX Hatchback.

    I have a new JVC head unit to install in place of the factory cassette player. I have the correct plug and play harness and 4 new speakers. 6.5" round for door panels in front - 6"x8" for rear side panels.

    I know that in the past car stereos were set for rear sound stage and that they have switched over to front sound stage these days. I wonder if the 6x8's have more potential for umph than 6.5 rounds. I bet the default arrangement in the new head unit will set it as front sound stage. I wonder if I should switch it around to make the rear more prominent based on the larger 6x8's that will be back there.

    So, if I wanted to do this, and considering I'll be using the currently installed factory speaker wires, I suppose I would have to switch the speaker wires at the harness behind the head unit.

    Does this make sense? What are your opinions on the matter? Should I shoot for front or rear sound stage?

    I am aware that if I switch it, my fader control will be reversed but I can live with that.
  2. I wouldn't worry about it unless you are going all out on the stereo. Stick with the rear sound stage cuz that's what was originally in the car
  3. My
    My concern is that the new JVC head unit will put the sound stage up front unless I address the issue during installation by swapping the speaker wires front to rear.
  4. I haven't messed with aftermarket stereos for a while, but they most of them have so many adjustments that are unnecessary unless you have a finely tuned ear. I say hook it up normal and see what you get. Not hard to swap the wires if you don't like it.