Source for power seat track parts

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  1. Ok I will say the obvious I know I can get a used power seat track from junkyard etc. I took mine apart to find out why it wasn't working. The motor & the small square flex shafts are fine, the plastic drive gears inside the left & right tracks are broken into many smaller useless pieces. I was looking for a source to replace just the gears as I am not willing to shell out the 75-100 bucks for a used track may be in as bad or getting close to being stripped out when it is a relative quick fix with new parts. Any help would be nice.


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  2. Whatever you do, use a relay. I don't see why you couldn't jump off the 12v trigger wire leading to the fuel pump relay under the seat. As long as you jump off the trigger wire and not the actual power wire, and you use a relay for the seat motor, I don't see why you would have any problems.

    But admittedly I am not an electrical expert, just someone with ideas that might work.....or suck. Usually I tend to save the sucky ideas for my own car, it just seems to always work out that way.
  3. I don't think you can buy parts for them. I sell them at my JY for 125+ shipping. I have gotten 150 for them before as well. New ones are 349.99+ shipping so most people get a good deal. We test everything before we sell, it but all places have a good rep like we do, so just ask them to test it on the bench before they sell it to you.
  4. $125+shipping!?!?!? SOB...I guess if you can sell them then keep selling, but that seems a bit steep.
  5. That's the going rate, even from private party classifieds. The fact that the power seat assemblies are a POS that break (even the frames break if the motors and drivetrain don't) doesnt help.

    A Ma and Pa electrical shop might have something (or be able to find something) that would work for you. A 5 cent part keeps your 150 dollar seat track from working. Nice.
  6. Oh....what a moron! I thought you meant "source for power seat tracks" as in "where can I tap a power wire to install power seats in my car"? Not "where can I purchase power seat tracks".

    The worst part is I actually read your post....I guess a refresher course in reading comprehension is in order for me.
  7. thats okay i thought the same thing too, even after reading that
  8. I have a seat track (power) Drivers side from a 1998 Mustang GT i didnt use. I just put Black leather seats from a 98 GT and i removed the seattrack from it and used my manual seattracks. If you can use it i think we can make a deal. Sure as hell wont cost you $100 Or if you just need parts from it to rebuild youres i can send you motors or whatever you need. I have no use for it, so shoot me a offer. If anyone knows how much roughly it would be for shipping let us know.

  9. Wow, I didn't realize parts where that expensive just to move your seat.
  10. well I guess its going to have to be the whole assembly purchased. I saw where you could buy window reg. repair kit & other minor part kits so I figured on maybe a source for seat track parts.
  11. Hey, Casper98GT do you still have that seat track for sale? I need to replace mine. Thx.