Sources Say Coyote is a Go

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  1. I thought the talk was something more along the lines of 6.2L? If 5 liters is all we get from this secret motor we've all been waiting to hear about, I'll be seriously disappointed. :notnice:

    400 NA IS an improvement, though.
  2. That would be great, but I wonder what will happen with the new 5.0 engine and the new Camaro. Take a look at the article on It looks like the government will pass even tougher mpg regulations with an average of 42 mpg. While that would be great to have that kinda of mpg, what will happen to the Mustang and Camaro and other performance cars?

    The next 10 years should be interesting for the auto industry.
  3. meh, its not pushrod. it doesnt count
  4. Pushrod or not, I'll take 400 NA horses anyday. :nice:
  5. I said it ia thread a loooong time ago. The Mustang GT needs a base of 400HP. 4.6L, 5.0L, 2V, 3V, 4V, needs 400HP. The Camaro has 400HP and the Challenger has 425HP.

    It isn't going to be a pushrod motor, but at least it has more displacement.
  6. sweet... i hope they put 5.0 badges all over it... ****ing gay
  7. Is it really going to be NA? I didnt see anything saying that in the article. It would be cool to see a Ford motor making 400 hp NA. Dont get me wrong the superchargers are cool, but I always admired engines that run under their own motivation. Either way the GT is going to need more hp in stock form.
  8. Yes.
  9. I get the feeling the 5.0 will be stuffed into a special model that will cost $45K or something like that.

    Maybe 5-8 years from now it will trickle down into the base models, but i doubt it. We still haven't seen a 4V in a GT mustang yet.
  10. the 6.2l was a rumor. they cut off the plan. i think the svt raptor is getting the 6.2
  11. Probably true. I don't see them taking all the time and money spent on making the 3V 4.6L and tossing it aside entirely in favor of making the new 5.0L the standard motor of the GT. However, I do see someone immediately slapping a blower on that thing and making 500+ HP right away in an even higher-performance model (Roush, presumably), so who knows where the NA 5.0 will wind up in the Mustang model lineup - a new Boss Mustang package, perhaps? :shrug:
  12. Yeah it would be hard to believe that all the new GTs that you'll see on the road will have 400hp, and 4V at that. If they do Ford will have to make a 5V engine, like the Ferrari 355 had, for the special models... lol
  13. You guys need to venture out of 5.0 Sections a little more. This is old news now. I remember reading this months back in the 2010 Forum. :D

    Agree 400 N/A horsepower will be a welcome change. Lets just hope it makes some decent, usable torque to with with said horsepower. :nice:
  14. There are other forums besides 5.0 Talk and BHR? :eek:
  15. Don't listen to him! It's a trap! :fuss:
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  17. Dear God, what is that thing?! :eek: :chair: :cry:
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