Sources Say Coyote is a Go

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  1. Who cares what they put it in, at least its coming. There were allot of naysayers on here not long ago saying it wouldn't happen. Well here it is. Now Camaro owners can start worrying.

    I see a new Mustang in my future a few years from now.
  2. OOooh just think....a whole new generation of 347 strokers, only this time with 32 valves and KB blowers on top

  3. I remember some time back ford was talking about a 5 liter twin turbo diesel, was going to produce somwhere around 400hp as well but torque numbers were crazy something like 540, with that being said if its anything like my truck, a tuner, exhaust, intake and some turbo mods would produce a easy 50% horsepower increase and 70% torque that would be awsome, too bad i havnt heard anything about that in a long time.
  4. I'll be skeptical until I see actual numbers....
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  6. Yeah, it's great that it's coming, however the point being that it might be cost prohibitive if they put it in a $50K special edition car. That's my only concern.

    I'd be super happy and hopeful if they put it in a GT. I think anywhere South of $35K would be good. :cheers:
  7. Too bad it wasn't going to be a pushrod 5.0L with N/A 400HP....eff it....make it 500HP!!!!
  8. What's to be skeptical about? Its been confirmed that it is not the same Modular engine that we're used to. It may utilize OHC design, but otherwise its a different set up altogether.

    What do you think would be the advantage to having pushrods? It’s been well documented that the OHC design is the far more efficient set up of the two. The only real design flaw that the previous modular line had working against them was close bore spacing. Solve that issue, fit it with a tougher rotating assembly and then take a drive to your nearest Ford museum to see an old 5.0L OHV Windsor. :shrug:
  9. Never said there was gonna be an advantage. There are die hard 5.0L fans that would to see the 5.0L be a push rod.
  10. I supose....but I'm sure a lot of these guys would love to see the return of the Fox body as well. Some people just fear it positive or negative. I think once the engine get saturated a while, proves its worth and an aftermarket opens up for it, the whole...."pushrods > all" outlook from some of these guys will subside. :D
  11. If the fox body came back out, all hell would break loose!!:D:rlaugh:

    It wouldn't matter to me which way they went with cam style, but I hope that they put a nice intake on it. The 4.6L 2V engine has always lacked style. The Bullit intake or a nice blower makes them look great, but 96-04 intakes need help. The new Challenger 6.1L engine and the Camaro engine look good with the big intakes, just like the old 5.0L or a 4.6L 4V.
  12. To be fair, the 6.1L Hemi is set up the same way the 3V Mustang is (long snakey runners, front mounted throttle body) Although I think the aluminum intake contrast with the black valve covers looks nice. And the GM just uses a big friggin plastic intake cover. :D


  13. I bet Dynacorn could be talked into it for the right price. I'd even put the 400HP Coyote 5.0 in one, too! :D
  14. That's exactly what they are going to use. A slightly modified - if at all - Cammer 5.0. This cuts down on R&D by reusing existing equipment.
  15. Again, for those of you who haven't read through the entire thread....this is not a modified version of the Cammer. Its a completely new platform.
  16. Both of those engines still look better than a 2V or 3V Mustang engine. Plastic intake covers or not. And at least they treat their valve covers with paint or p/c so they won't oxidize like the 3V valve covers.
  17. A 5.0 would get me into the Ford dealer for sure. I'd even put old school 5.0 badges on the fender. :)
  18. Hell yeah :D:nice:
  19. Believe it. It's coming. (with 6 speeds behind it)

    Here is the motor in a Mustang test mule.


  20. I can't wait!!! Now I can stop dreaming and start planning. :rock: