Sources Say Coyote is a Go

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  1. Coyote is gay, that screams Boss to me
  2. It scream "drool about me now cause im gonna be expensive as **** when i come out"
  3. well the new 6.4 hemi will be 475-500hp and the ls3 was dynoed at 380-390rwhp in the c6 w/a manual. I guess 5.0 may have a chance if it stays lighter.
  4. am i the only one who would be excited to see a Diesel Mustang?
  5. Take a look at the room on either side of the strut towers. It looks as though this engine will have a shorter deck hight and a longer bore spacing. From what I understand the 4.6 and 5.4 are both getting replaced with this engine. I believe that this will be the standard v8 for the stang although a ecoboost v6 will probably be offered with nearly as much hp but in a smaller lighter package.

  6. Thats what I heard and would make sense to help cut back cost in production. :)
  7. why do all mustang bonnets look like they just threw a bunch of wires in tubes everywhere without any planning while the camaro and callanger look so clean and neat. Its the same thing with my 99 gt its just a big mess lol.
  8. Function over form, baby. :D
  9. Its going to be amazing if they can get the GT to 400hp NA, i am soooo happy that Chevy built this mustang beater (at least for now), someone needed to step it up a bit and make ford put some work into the new mustang instead of a mild makeover to save on money. Its funny how the 2010 GT has had so many mixed 1/4 mile times in different magazines and the Camaro has had an EXACT 13.00 1/4 times on every single run in every single magazine. Even magazines that put the stang and the camaro head to head tested them at different times (motor trend) and at almost 20 degrees difference. I love how one magazine cal claim 13.8, one of them 14.00, another 13.7, and another testing the 400hp FRPP (factory supercharged 2010 GT) running 13.8. Someone has to develop a RULE, like in all sciences, where the driver must remain the same, the temperature must be the same (within reason) to claim real times. You never see a scientist test anything without keeping the variables the same (because it would not be valid) like many of the tests performed by most (if not all) magazines. Just my 2 cents.
  10. ^ You put too much faith in magazine testing. ;)

    The Camaro has a good half second advantage over the GT....that's no exageration. But at the same time, we're talking an over 110hp and huge torque advantage as well. When you consider the amount of power the new SS is puting out, that gap should be much larger than it is. Hell, the last generation F-Bodies with the LS1 engines were running nearly those same times in stock trim. :shrug:
  11. It would be great to have all of that torque, but it would just not have the right sound. If I could live with the sound, I would definatly buy one, even if it were $5K more.
  12. i think it would sound like a turboed mustang, new deisels dont even sound like diesels anymore, **** i could deal with the sound and dealing with all smoke i could blow :flag:
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  13. It is not a completely new engine program. The Coyote engine program is a derivative of the modular engine program. The new engines will have direct injection and they will have a different Bore/Stroke ratio compared to any of the current modular engines.

    The easiest/best way to describe the Coyote engine program is that Ford redesigned the Modular Engine. All of the good things the Modular engine created, the Coyote kept. Where the modular engine lacked, the Coyote program corrected. For example, the new engines will be capable of a 4" Bore which is impossible with the current modular engine.