Sourcing Replacement Radiator Core

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  1. Let's try one more. I'm looking for a replacement radiator core.

    All I'm finding online/at boneyards are junk for the most part so I'm thinking I need to go aftermarket unfortunately.

    Is there any particular aftermarket manufactorer's cores that are a better OEM fit than others?

    For example: 1990-93 Mustang Radiator Core Support at LRS - Same Day Shipping!


    Laurel Mountain Mustang - 1990 - 1993 Mustang Radiator Core Support. Reproduction.

    These are just two examples that a quick Google search returned. I'm trying to keep this restore as close to OEM as possible.

  2. I have bought stuff from laurel moutain before... ultra fast shipping and cheap prices!
  3. I bought the heater core kit from LRS that came with the hoses. Been in for almost a year now with no issues.
  4. He means a core support, not a heater core lol.
  5. I'm going to be taking my 93 LX somewhere to have the core support replaced in the near future and I'm looking for ways to save some money. I was thinking of removing the radiator to save a few bucks on the labor and got wondering if I should remove the fan as well. Can anybody tell me if this is even necessary to replace the core support? Thanks.
  6. check out CL and the mustang boards for guys parting out cars.
  7. I wouldn't hesitate to order from LRS, everything I have got there has been nice quality and the guys there give a discount to stangnet members!
  8. Please start your own thread, This would be considered Hijacking as far as posting goes and is frowned on here and most other forums.