South Florida Mustang wants YOU!

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  1. South Florida Mustang wants Mustang II's!


    South Florida Mustang (SFM), a new Mustang club in the South Florida area, is looking for new members. SFM is open to all Mustang owners and/or enthusiasts. We would like to get Mustang II's involved, as these models are often overlooked by the general public.

    If you are interested, please visit our Yahoo!Group at South Florida Mustang

    Thanks, and have a great day.
  2. Hey that's COOL! Thanks for considering us! :hail2:

    Unaffortunately, I don't know if we even HAVE a mamber form FL. Do we? I'm kinda more or less on the wrong corner of the 'states for your club.

    Well, good luck! :nice:
  3. Hey!

    You gotta try, ya know?

    I used to be "anti-Mustang II" until I visited this forum, read a few threads, and looked at a few of your cars. I'm glad I did. Now I can say I'm crazy about all Mustangs! :nice:

    Hence my desire to find some II's for the club. Looks like I'll have to do some old fashioned legwork on this one!
  4. They are out there. Heck- there is at least 6 different Mustang II's from Cobras to Coupes that are here in Vancouver that I have never met nor are SN members. So they're out there. There's also a message board on the may have a few members that are not on here. Might be another good source to drum up some local cars. Good luck! :nice:
  5. Well Awesome, Id love to join!!!!

    But its a tad too much of a drive from southern Idaho :shrug:
  6. Could we join as honorary members in Absentia :D ?
    Its a little far from Pa II
  7. RU still putting this together, or is it together, or ??

  8. Still here!

    Yes, we are still looking for members.

    We have about 10 somewhat :) active members currently...

    Any Mustang II's out there in South Florida? :nice:
  9. Sounds interesting, do you always meet in Miami? (I am in Sunrise)
    What are the details, fees etc.


  10. I'm interested..................I got 2 mustangs

  11. Bunch of local Broward/Dade/PB Mustangs are meeting at Tower Shops in Davie tonight.
    It's on University, just south of 595.
  12. I went last week...........Can't make it this week