South Jersey guys...

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  1. Anybody got an 8.8 housing? I'll throw $50 to anybody that has one for me. Gears don't matter because it's gettin gutted for a locker and 31 spline axles. I'd go to a junkyard but I don't want to have to search and then drag the rear 500 yards. When instead I could come pick it up or even if anyone has a "doner car" to get it out of.

    Any takers? I'm in Port Elizabeth. (Near Vineland) Willing to travel anywhere in South Jersey.
  2. I've got one, has stock axles 3.08s and trac lok could use rebuild even tho you said that doesnt matter. I'm in West Deptford, prob bout 1/2 hour from you. i'd like to get $75 for it. lemme know