Mach 1 Southeast All Mach1 GTG Meet at Hooters in Mooresville,NC 3/25/06

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by 2002boss, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Southeast All Mach1 GTG Meet at Hooters in Mooresville, NC on saturday 3/25/06 and rain date is 3/26/06, hosted by Southeast Mach1 Owners Club,

    it is free plus we got door prizes from Hooters and CDC, Other Mustangs and Fords are Welcome to come to,

    Hooters of Mooresville is just off I-77 Exit 36 of Mooresille/Lakenorman,

    times are 1pm -6pm

    here's list who's come

    1. 02mach1


    3. jakestang
  2. Yeah, if I could do a true Mach1 speed I'd stop by :D
  3. Sofar 60 are coming
  4. How far is that from Norfolk Va.?
  5. about 3hr drive 250miles
  6. We 60 total came GTG:nice:
  7. Man I wish I wasnt working 60hrs a week.
    Little to far of a trip for me @ this point...
    Anyone closer to ohio?
  8. We are having one on 22th of April in Cincinnatihttp://
  9. All other clubs are welcome to come.