Spark Blow Out????

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  1. look for burnt wires too. put car in garage at night, close door open hood start car look for lightning/sparks
  2. That was my next step..thanks good idea!!!!! I heard also spray the wires with a light mist of water too that might make the arc if there is a break any truth to that or is it an old wise tale?
  3. also a good idea water and electrics like to party
  4. Thats what i heard...My Dad said that was an old time bottle and mist the wires...
  5. Just out of plain curiosity, and something I may eventually run in to - I was under the impression that spark blow out only happens on higher boost levels. Can it happen on any level?
  6. Well it was above 5 psi and spraying in meth injection at that point maybe it would have more issues at a lower boost on my car because of the meth??? i run 14 psi...and never had this problem..just started...
  7. I saw with my own eyes Kurgan picked up 80rwhp on a 2 valve 4.6 at 14 psi by simply tightening the gap down. to.025

    I am at .023 but I make 23psi + up top
  8. Before I take the rest of the plugs I did a little more research..I found 2 vac caps dry rotted im guessing from the heat of the intake/ Underhood temps from the turbo I have a Trick flow street heat intake..under the upper intake there are [2] 3/8 vac barbs that had vac caps on them they were leaking bad..i didn't even hearany vac leaks or see it on the Air fuel gauge which is weird...But can a vac leak cause this bog...Someone said that its un-metered air so it could effect it...Do you think that is the issue?? I did get into boost hard the last time I had it out before the water pump went and then I did the electric fan thinking it was the Alt draw,,,were then I did the new 3G Alt... I was going to get 2 pipe plugs and take the barbs out and install the plugs so this wont happen again then just try taking it for a ride and see if doesn't Bog what do you think????
  9. I ran my plug gaps big in the lightning and would get about 6000 miles out of a set. If I gapped them tight they would have lasted longer.

    For the 15-20 bucks for a set of plugs i started changing them every oil change.
  10. yes, a vacuum leak could cause the problem
  11. Fixed the vac leak still doing it...I had my wife watch the Air fuel gauge today when it did this bog/stumble she said the AF goes rich the very lean and its very erratic looking not steady of course I let right out of it....I have no idea what to check now..
  12. EDIT car is fixed....
    Someone suggested to turn my metrh off and i did,by turning the Meth off it allowed me to find the real I wired the Autometer Water temp gauge up I got lazy and I tapped in the MSD coil for the Light...well wouldn't you know that isn't a good thing to do...When I shut the meth off it allowed me to stay in the gas a little more because with the meth on it bogged really bad so with it off I hit the gas heard pop pop then the light blew on the gauge and the car took off pulled over turned the meth back on ITS is running back to normal..I have a big smile on my face that the car is running again.....
  13. Shortcuts aren't always the answer huh? Glad to see you got it fixed.
  14. Yeah i was tired and i thought at the time it was a good not just glad its back to normal....
  15. Where at in NJ are you?
  16. I was going to recommend that you check for a water temp gauge wired to the coil. I'm good. To bad I didn't get here early enough, LMAO... :lol:
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  17. Im in Central NJ by Edison...
  18. That's north to me, lol. I'm exit 2 off the turnpike!
  19. Wow your down there..your close to Atco m guessing..