Spark plug boot popping off of spark plug...Cause?

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by MyEarsHurt, Aug 22, 2004.

  1. Well here is the deal, my stang has been acting a little strange lately, so I cleaned out the throttlebody with a cleaner and all that. When I was doing this, I noticed that one of my spark plug wires had popped off of the spark plug. I put it back on and didnt think much of it. However, today, car was running a little strange, I pop the hood, same plug wire, off of the spark plug. I just replaced all the spark plugs and plug wires less than 3 months ago! Whats the deal with my stang?
  2. Nobody has seen this happen before?
  3. the boot on the wire is loose crimp it down tighter or just replace it, same thing happend to me about three months ago with my wires, ya just tightn' it or replace it.
  4. How do you tighten it? Can I just take a pair of pliars and squeeze a little? What would cause this, just a loose wire, nothing else to worry about?
  5. ya, its just the wire, grab some wire crimpers and tighten them down pretty good then drive pretty hard for a couple of minutes, if its still on your good, if it still pops off then just get a new wire .
  6. Can you purchase just one plug wire? If so where from, I tightened the old one down and it still just popped off, so apparently I need a new one.
  7. MyEarsHurt:

    The boot just slides along the wire. Grab one side of the clip with some needlenose pliers and pull the clip down a little/slide the boot up the wire a little. Don't bend the wire sharply or you really will need a new one. Take an old plug and test fit. There should be a slight gap between the bottom of the boot and the top of the metal base of the plug. Don't crimp it more unless it is loose on the test plug.

    If there is too much dielectric grease on the boot, it will be prone to popping off, too.

    Hope this helps.
  8. the reason the boots pop off is cuz a plug is loose and air is getting past the threads. happened to me cuz i had a few plugs loose. car also ran rough.
  9. I have heard of this happening before to a guy from another forum. When you push the boot onto the plug a little air is trapped in the top of the boot. When the engine is running and the air expands in the boot it causes the boot to pop off the plug. Ya have to "burp" the air bubble out of the boot when you put it on. Hope this helps :nice:
  10. Thanks for all the help, the plugs I bought had a lifetime warranty (motorcraft) and I took them back to the store cause they are replacing all of them for free, so that should fix the problem once and for all.