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  1. Could be one of the reasons the Ford Motor Company is losing money left and right.
  2. ... especially considering they are tied with Toyota for quality and reliability. :rlaugh:
  3. Where did you get that information? I believe I read in another thread on this forum (and also on the TSB itself) that the sparkplug issue affects cars built before Nov 30 07:

    From the TSB "Affected engine build dates
    are as follows: 5.4L 3-V and 6.8L 3-V before 10/9/07, 4.6L 3-V before 11/30/07"

    I'm not sure how that's possible...I have an 08' I just bought and on the door sill sticker with the tire pressures it says the build date was 12/07. On the engine there's a date code that is 03-12-07 (I'm assuming that means the engine was built on December third 2007? It doesn't seem to make sense that Ford would have had my engine sitting around for nine months before dropping it in my car. If anyone can confirm or deny the day-month-year format for the engine code it would be greatly appreciated!!). In other words if my car's engine was built on the third of December 07 and the first of the revised head/plugs were going into cars on Nov 30th I wouldn't think ANY 07's have the updated heads.

    Any info on dating my engine and/or determining if I have the revised heads would be appreciated though...this thread has me scared!! I know I could pull a plug and check, but I only have 300 miles on the car and don't want to start working on it quite yet...
  4. Plugs

    Our plugs are easy to get to. Be sure, pull one and look! With those miles, you will have no problem getting one out even if it is the old style. I wouldn't want to take anybody's word - I'd look.
  5. Hi guys, new member here and 1st post. Maybe I can help with the confusion on the 08 plugs. I work at a Ford dealer and ordered a new 08 GT on March. All of the 08's have the new style head and plugs. Look on the drivers side valve cover for the engine code sticker. ALL of the 08's have the code AB in the middle of the engine code number. All prior years of the 3V have code AA. Hope this helps! :)
  6. Thanks Sajeffc!

    I looked at my car last night (before I saw your post) and it does indeed have the "AB" code. I also pulled the boot off of one of the spark plugs and without pulling the plug I could tell that it had multiple ribs on the ceramic (like the new style) so I'm pretty sure (99.9%) that it's the new style head and plug in my 08...I don't think I need to pull a plug now.
  7. While I completely understand the change in plug design and the need for it, can someone please explain what changes were made to the head to compensate for the plug issue?
  8. Wish I could find the pic of the new head. Its posted on this site but haven't tried the search function yet. Basically the plug hole is threaded right down to the combustion chamber now just like the old days. They got rid of the non-threaded "tube" part of the head that the plug used to go through. That way there is no way for the plug to corrode and stick to the head. The 08 F150's with the 5.4 also have this new head and plug design. The plug itself is way shorter than the current one and looks like a plug from an old 302/351 V8. Much better IMO!
  9. well, good for them but i still have the old crapy design so i will be anti-seizing my plugs for life :notnice: but i can't complain because the addition of the blower will probably have me changing plugs more frequently then being N/A:D
  10. I just took the plugs out toady and anti-seized them. No problems at all and didn't take long. There was only a little bit of corrosion but then again I only have ~3500 miles on the car now. I ended up not getting new plugs so I'll probably change them in ~25k miles.
  11. The TSB say 11/30/07 for a reason. ALL Job 2 engines have the new heads and plugs. The Job 1 engines mostly have the old style but there could be some with the new style. You need to check.
  12. Yes thats true. I should have made that clearer. Some of the early build 08's will have the AA engine code and old style plugs. The AB code engines will be the new style head and plug. These were produced after 11/30/07. Sorry for any confusion.
  13. There is a sticker on the driver side valve cover that will have AA or AB in the number. You are correct AA is for the old style heads with the pos 2 piece sparkplug and AB are the new heads for a one piece sparkplug the way it should of been made from the beginning. Geeezz. :nonono:
  14. :bs:

    Sorry, but I have to throw the B.S. flag on this one. I started to change my OE plugs at 38K miles, not many of which were "quick trips" and the second one snapped (following the TSB to the letter). Trucked car to dealer where they broke off 5 more.
    I would still use the nickel anti seize. I stop applying maybe 1/4" from the end of the "barrel", and use only a thin coat. That's what I did and haven't had a single problem since. BTW, I replaced the POS Motorcraft plugs with the one piece Champions and never looked back.
  15. <<<BTW, I replaced the POS Motorcraft plugs with the one piece Champions and never looked back.>>>

    I am going to replace the POS Motorcraft plugs as soon as the weather warms up here in WA State,
    in about 6 months LOL!! The one piece Champions seem to be working well for most. I'll probally go with the Champions too. My 08 missed the new heads by three months! I feel bad for the other Mustang owners who have no idea about these POS two piece plugs that will no doubt break when they go to change them at the recomended interval. What a bunch of BS!! I'm pissed off!!
  16. Well I decided not to wait any longer so I ordered the Champions. Should be here next week.
    I'm nervous as hell...
  17. I changed my plugs at 34k miles when I installed the S/C and had NO problems at all. I was all prepared with penatrating oil and a print out of the TSB so I could fight them out. To my surprise, all of the plugs came out without the slightest bit of drag. Once they were broke loose they were finger tight all the way out.

    My car gets numerous short trips as well (it's only 4 miles across town). The ONLY thing I did different than what I've seen posted anywhere is that before I changed them, I ran 2 tanks of gas through the engine, each with a can of Seafoam in it. I truely don't know if that's what made them so easy to remove but, it's the only thing I did different than what I heard/read, and that was my results. Probably I was just lucky, but based on what I've read here and elsewhere my results were definately not typical for my driving style and how long the plugs were in the car.

    Considering what a pain it is when things go wrong changing these plugs, I think it would be cheap insurance to give it a try. It may not work but what the hell could it hurt other than the price of 2 cans of Seafoam.
  18. Am I looking at the wrong sticker? Here's the only one I can find on the DS valve cover. It shows neither an AA or AB but BA??? I assume that code is only for 08's?

  19. If you look at the sticker on your driver side door jamb and find the date your car was manufactured as long as it is after that date, then you are fine. Before that you might want to go to a parts store and pick up the new plugs.

    Isn't your car F/I? I though you said it was a c-500 that you were buying? If it is then they should have already changed the plugs to a colder heat level and also one piece :D
  20. Bringing the tread back to life...

    I have 96,000 miles on my 06, original plugs...and getting ready to change them. I am following the TSB. Have let them "soak" for 2 hours.