spark plug change

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by 01White5spd, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. Done...didnt break any of them and they actually werent that bad. It did take 6 hours but thats because I let them soak.

    I cracked them 1/4 turn, used carb cleaner and let sit for an hour. Another 1/4 turn and let sit for another hour. 1 turn and let them sit for another hour. 1/2 turn and went to store to get new plugs (drove the wifes 00 Vert, God to I hate the squeak in the front end and the idiot that owned it before us for not using progressive rate springs when he lowered it). Came how and just finished removing them all.

    I did use anti-seize on the new ones (Champion were the only ones that were single piece) and installed them. Cleaned the K&N while I was doing all the waiting. So tune up complete....time to take her for a test drive! :nice:
  2. I posted in this thread a couple years ago, and have changed my plugs several times since (colder copper plugs are only good for about 6 months with a supercharger). Getting ready to pull them out tomorrow to regap them. As long as you follow the TSB and apply the anti-seize correctly (on the barrel - not the threads or electrodes), it is very easy to get plugs in and out of these engines.