Engine Spark Plug Gap

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  1. Not Mustang related, but it is a Ford. Wife's 2007 Ford Edge, 112,000 miles. She comes home and tells me trans is slipping. I drive it, feels like its missing, not trans (have had some minor problem with trans). Have been putting off tune up. Today I ordered 6 new coils ($500+). Tonight I pulled the old coils and plugs. Ford recommends .054" gap for new plugs. The old ones measured .075-.085. I can't see any outward visible signs on the coils that would indicate they were burned or anything. BTW, checked codes with scanner and it was clean.

    So, the question is: Is .030" wear pretty excessive? Would that be enough to cause a miss? New plugs and coils will be going in tomorrow when they arrive at parts store. I pray to God that this fixes it. Not stressing too much about cost, because it was past time. Just don't want to be scratching my head if it doesn't fix it.

  2. That's a pretty big gap. I could see the spark having trouble jumping that.

    I think if a COP was bad, you would get a code. More than likely I would guess the issue is the plugs only. That would be my starting point
  3. Hoping so. We will see. Going to replace both though, just to avoid future headaches. Upper intake had to come off to get rear coil and plugs.

  4. Well, 6 new plugs, 6 new coils, and $535 later, she runs like a top!

  5. Congrats!
    That was a big gap. Doesn't the Edge have OBD II? I am surprised the misfire did not register a code. It did on the families Bravada, even which cylinder, and that was before you could tell from the driver's seat.
  6. Good to hear all is good. That gap was silly. The .054 I'm sure is much happier lol