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  1. Hello all,

    I need some help in picking the best spark plugs for my 2005 mustang GT. The only upgrades I've done is K&N cold air and Flow master super 40's. I had ford replace them at 80k when it was still under my warranty and they went out at 115k, not sure which one as I took it to a mom and pop shop and they fixed it. I am now at 140k and I am getting a misfire on a plug again... I'm tired of having to change them so I'm looking for a dependable and performance set of plugs. There are so many on the market I am not sure which to chose. Any help would be very much appreciated!!

    Thank You
  2. come on guys i really need help with this. I came here because i thought there would be helpful people here.
  3. Motorcraft oem plug. They always work better for me
  4. I went to Champion 79898's at 80,000 miles. I am at 150,000 now on the same plugs, still going strong. I have never been a Champion fan, but because these are true one piece plugs I decided to try them. I am happy with them and will replace them with another set when the time comes. I worry too much about the Motorcraft and Autolites. The other 1 piece designs are a different heat range, so they would not work as well.
  5. Thank you, I was leaning towards champions and you just assured me as to which i will get. I will never get oem 2 piece crappy plugs again.
  6. No problem, I am so pleased with them I would consider them for my wife's Flex. And Motorcraft plugs for it are one piece.
  7. I am pretty darn sure they will not fit the 05 thru 07.5 Mustang GT 4.5 3 valve engine. They look like normal plugs and a couple places I checked said they even fit Buicks. No plug that fits our 4.6 3 valve motors will fit a GM car. Our plugs are FAR from normal:(.
  8. i have had the exact opposite experience every time i have tried another plug on any of my ford vehicles. they just don't seem to work like they should. switched back to oem and problems solved. to each their own i guess.
  9. Thank you Racerraj! I almost bought them. Summit racing said they would fit the stang. i'll just stick with champion