Spark plug recommendation please

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  1. I'm new to this board and am looking for some help. I'm finishing up a 347 for my 32 Ford street rod. It's going to be a driver not a trailer queen. 9.5 to 1 compression, Ford motorsports hyd. roller, Pro comp alum. heads, air gap intake, quick fuel 680 carb, HEI ign.

    I'm looking for a reommendation for spark plugs.

    Plug number?

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  2. 52 views and not a single suggestion. You guys don't use them, read them, work on cars? LOL! What a joke.
  3. i used bosch platinum iridium plus 4s and they woke my mustang right up...throttle response was immediate and no raw fuel smell coming from tailpipe...i liked em so much i put them in my 99 silverado with 240000 on it and it felt like brand new....and because they have 4 electrodes the come pregapped....i put em in 4 months ago but i just installed nitrous and need 1 heat range colder.... i hope they make them in that heat range because they are fantastic....they cost more but worth every penny