Spark Plug Replacement

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  1. I have a 2002 Mustang GT 4.6L and I use it as a daily driver. I'm replacing the spark plugs and would like to know what kind to buy.

    Thanks for your help!
  2. Go to the Ford dealership parts counter. Best plugs for a stock engine.
  3. Thanks but that's what I was trying to avoid doing, that's why I asked on here.
  4. Why?
  5. Because they always want stock, I want performance and quality.
  6. You'll get the most performance and quality out of OEM parts. If you were boosted or spraying nitrous I'd recommend an NGK TR6 (one range cooler than stock) but for a normally-aspirated engine you'd be risking fouling with a cooler plug.

    What quality shortcomings are you thinking of with OE stuff?

    How much of a performance gain do you expect with non-OE plugs and by what mechanism?
  7. I just assumed aftermarket was better quality than oem that's all. Guess I was wrong. I ordered the motocraft SP493 on eBay. I was told that's oem and best option. Why does American Muscle promote NGK so much then and not motocraft?
  8. You don't get ANY performance out of any of the different spark plugs, they mean NOTHING. Spark plugs are an after-thought, they mean absolutely nothing. Get whatever is cheaper. I got OE Motorcraft plugs off American Muscle for cheap. Don't be a ricer and thing plugs are important.
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  9. No, No, I'm not. It states on American Muscle under NGK it says performance. That's why I thought it did. So obviously I want the best for my car at a price I can afford. So if there's better performance ones, then I wanted them. You know?
  10. Heres a link to the Motorcraft Standard service plug.

  11. Thanks. Already ordered those from eBay for $24 for 8
  12. OE Motorcraft or Autolite ONLY
  13. I replaced mine today with motorcraft sp-493s from Autozone. Even though they're OEM, check the gap. About 5 of them had about a .58-.59 gap. I set them to about. 54-55
  14. As far as performance gains.... plugs dont do anything, cold air intake doesn't do anything, stickers and decals don't do anything (unless they're OEM SVT cobra emblems, those add a few horses) If you want to go faster buy some heads cams & intake
  15. as far as maintenance OEM > AFTERMARKET EVERY SINGLE TIME
  16. Don't fall for the marketing hype. The OEM plugs are the best choice here for plugs and a lot of other items