Spark Plug Wire Arching To Header

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  1. i just noticed that the rear most spark plug boot on the passenger side is arching out to my header. the headers are bbk shortys. is there a home way remedy this or do i need to buy those protective covers?

    could this cause my car to break up past 5k rpm? because mine is and i cant seem to figure out why. hopefully this is it...
  2. Yes, that's exactly why it's breaking up. A boot may help a little bit, but you're better off getting creative with plug wire looms and zip ties to hold it out of the way. BTW you'll have to replace that wire now.
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  3. Boot will stop it.. I had the same problem. Bought a set of high temp boots on eBay.
  4. i tried wrapping the boot in a piece of leather that i cut off a welding bib. did not work. i still see the charge going from header to the boot. guess ill order some of those covers. which ones did you get?
  5. It's arcing because it has burned through already. No amount of wrapping at this point is going to help. Replace the wire, then wrap it.
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  6. Yeah, what he said. Took the words right out of my mouth.
  7. just ordered an indentical set. i am going to order spark plug wires today. but im wondering if i shoukd order them with 45* or 90* boots? which would clear better?
  8. What heads are you running? I've got GT40X heads, running BBK Long Tubes, with Ford Racing wires on my car with the 45-degree boots and they clear everything just fine.
  9. I ran those boots laying right on the headers with no problem. Just make sure you push them over the boot all the way down to the head
  10. stock heads. i already ordered the ford racing 9mm wires too. they only come in 45* so im sure it will be fine. especially with the covers.

    thanks guys. hopefully this will fix the breakup and let me push it past 5k in 1st and 2nd.
  11. Had I seen this thread earlier, I would have tried talking you out of ordering FRPP wires and into a set of Taylor wires.

    Hope it works out for you though. :nice:
  12. Taylors fit so much better than the frpp. Im glad I switched when I did my tuneup

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  13. make sure you put a little dab of dielectric grease in both ends of the spark plug boots