Spark Plugs and Exhaust Manifolds

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  1. :shrug: Ok I know I have asked about my spark plugs before (not having a wrench to fit). Still no person tells me that it takes a special type of spark plug wrench, someone else tells me hat I have the wrong exhaust manifolds. I have a 1968 Mustang coupe with a 302.
    What is my solution to this problem.
    I changed the plugs when I first got the car with a spark plug wrench I borrowed, and lated changed out both manifolds, with manifolds for a 302. :bang:
  2. Got to the store and get a spark plug socket.
  3. Maybe I'm missing something here? What is the question? If you want to know what size plug socket to get then its 13/16 for the old plugs. The newer plugs are all 5/8 ( after 1978) The Only heads that I'm aware of that have different spark plug clearance issues with manifolds other than what they came with from Ford are the GT-40P heads
  4. Ok, clear up statement:
    I need to know if exhaust manifolds will make a different.
    I have correct size spark plug socket, but it does not fit!!!!!
  5. Might help if you could explain what you mean by "it won't fit." What is your mechanical background? :shrug: :rolleyes:
  6. Sounds like you need a flex head rachet, a u-joint and a couple of extensions like most of the rest of us.. You should see me going after my plug directly under the power brake unit. It's takes an afternoon and a 12 pack of beer. :rlaugh:

  7. Shouldn't be required on a stock 302. The only one that is difficult is the back one on the pass. side because of the stock heat riser of the breather assembly.
  8. Sounds like we need a picture..
  9. If by the socket won't go onto the plugs you mean it won't fit, make sure 1) you ahven't broken the plug and 2) that the socket is seating all the way on the plug. It may help to put the socket on first, then the ratchet and it should work, don't know any reason why it shouldn't be.

    The Swede
  10. I had a similar problem when i first got my car. I already had a spark plug socket but it was a cheapy one, and the thickness of the wall inside the socket was too much, and it didnt want to fit on to the plug. I fixed this by going out and getting a Craftsman spark plug socket, and it works great now. The other problem that i had was after i changed the exhaust manifolds i could not get the socket on cylinder #3 & #4 spark plugs. There just wasnt enough room to get the socket all the way on the plug, so i took a file to the manifold and took off some of the edges that were causing the problem.

    It could be that you dont have the right spark plug socket, like i didnt. Or it could be the exhaust manifolds that are the problem. Are you sure that you have the right manifolds for your engine? I put 351 manifolds on my 302 and had the problem described above.

    Good luck :nice:
  11. Thanks crushnut, looks like you are the only one that got the same problem I have. Manifolds should be for 302, at least the man at the Mustang shop I brought them from said they where. Will try taking afile to the manifold and see if that helps.
  12. Glad that i could help, let us know how it turns out :)
  13. Ran into the same thing when I did my compression check. I am running Headan headers and on the #8 cylinder, I cant get a socket on it. I tried a thin walled 13/16 but it grabs and slips. All I did was loosen up the header bolts, and take a big pry bar and gently push the header forward or backward to get a socket on it. Then let the header back in place, get a ratchet on it, and take it off. You may need someone to help you while you get a socket on it. Hope this helps

  14. I had the same problem on #8. The Snap-on socket was the solution for me.
  15. I had the same problem too, but it was on my 427 :D :D Damn Ford and their shock towers :bang: :bang:
  16. Have new exhaust manifolds on order, will be here 12/10/03. Had the wrong kind on the car. Have a thin wall 13/16 socket so after installing new exhaust manifolds, problem should be solved.
    Again, thnaks for everyones help!!!!
  17. What are the casting #'s on the manifolds you have now? What manifolds did you order?
  18. Im glad you got everything worked out :nice:

    Have fun :D
  19. Don't know the casing # on manifolds on car (in shop), but order Manifolds from Mustangsunlmited for a '68 w/289/302 engine. Also got new gasket kit and new bolt set for exhaust manifolds.

  20. Just me, but the only manifolds I'd consider on a small block would be a set of the 289 Hi-po reproductions. The log type that came on most Stangs are too restrictive.