Spark Plugs and Wires

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  1. Any suggestions on what brand of

    Spark Plugs and Wires.

    If you do make a suggestion please include why.

    Thanks alot much appreciated.
  2. Autolite plugs and MSD wires.
  3. Spend the extra and get a good set of wires like Magnecor.
  4. Don't waste your $$. I dyno'd my car with the stock ford wires and with a set of MSD wires. The MSD wires made a whole **0** change in HP/Torque with the custom setup of my high performance engine.

    After the first run, wearing some gloves, I swapped out the wires...too easy.

    Your stock DIS and wires will work just fine.

    I've used the Jacobs and MSD DIS setups and they didn't make any difference either.

    Save your $$ for some mods that make a difference.
  5. What he said........gotta agree. After I changed mine, got bosch wires and Autolite plugs......they kept giving off excessive RFI noise kicking my P0340 (Camshaft Position Sensor) code. I changed the sensor......kept getting the code. Changed back to factory wires.......all good. If there's nothign wrong with your stock wires......don't change em......they're not like oil filters where you have to change em. I've had the same ones on my other car for 7 years now
  6. So what wires 99+ or pre 99 that are good or both?
  7. They are all good wires at 8mm size.
  8. so, no reason to change to a 8.5 or 9mm wire?
  9. I wasted $$ early on trying high energy ignitions and wire combinations.

    Firstly, the spark from a stock DIS is more than adequate for my own custom applications. I'm backed up by the experience of several engine builders.

    Secondly, if your stock DIS is more than adequate, then it follows that your stock wires are good enough. Unless you want some pretty blue, red, or yellow wires, stick with the grey ford ones.

    Lastly, the last set of MSD wires I experimented with were very weak in the angled spark plug connector. I had to repair 5 of the 6 wires at one time or another. The MSD wires also interferred with my cam position sensor.

    When I went back to the stock wires, the problem went away.

    Save the 50-70 bucks for wires for something that'll do more.
  10. Magnecor wires are supposed to be much better than MSD or Jacobs in the EMI/RFI department.

    Although I tend to agree with what's been said above - no need to go beyond the Ford stockers. I'll probably replace mine with Magnecor or another brand later, but just because I have a red car and don't mind paying 20 bux extra for red wires when I'm doing it anyway. :)
  11. Yes, when you're doing the dress-up of the engine compartment, having a nice set of matching wires stretching across the engine (expecially if you run them between the upper intake and pulleys) make a nice impression.
  12. the only reason to change wires on our cars would be if you put a high out put ignition on or you wanted to dress the engine compartment up...
  13. I checked a price on some Magnecor wires for my 00 V6 and they were $100! OMG! For something that doesn't do much other than look pretty, that's a little expensive.
  14. MSD shows the 00 V6 as a 8.5mm size as to where Magnecor shows it as 8mm. Is either a good fit? :shrug:

    Does it have to do with where the ignition coil is located? 8mm for front location and 8.5mm for left location?
  15. 8mm or 8.5mm is the thickness of the wire. It doesn't really matter some just have thicker insulation.