Spark Plugs. Which Do Y'all Like?

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  1. I run over the counter motorcrafts. My other question is I hear talk about heat range or whatever. For instance a guy might say, "I run x plugs one range cooler." What is the benefit of this, when is it needed, and how do you know what the heat range is on the plugs you're buying? Oh and when I car is n/a the oem recommended gap is where you want to be or is that depended on mods etc?
  2. we run NGK number 10's in the turbo car
    NGK number 11's in the nitrous car
    NGK TR6 in my car on the bottle
    NGK TR55 in my car on motor
    NGK TR55 in the gen 1 lightning
    NGK TR6 in the Gen 2 lightning when i had it
    NGK in my DSM with the 16G turbo when i had it
    NGK in my volvo when i had it
    NGK in my 95 GT when i had it
    NGK in anything i put plugs in

    ive NEVER had an issue with plugs!
  3. Also recommend NGK plugs.......although I did just change out the plugs in the 08 Bullitt and went with stock Motorcraft. Everything else has the NGK plugs in it.
  4. So w stock heads running 9.5:1 compression do I want stock heat range, a step hotter, or colder?
  5. If the car is basically stock then I feel the stock heat range is fine.

    heres something to keep in mind. some manufacturers use 1-10 heat ranges such as autolite and then you have companies like NGK that are 10-1 the higher the number for NGK the colder the plug but a lower number for companies like autolite the higher the number the hotter the plug.

    if i remember right that's how it works I work with mostly OE cars now so I recommend an OE plug but with boost you typically want a colder plug.
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  6. Thanks man
  7. For stock heads you want a copper plug. Forget platinum or gimmick plugs. I run Autolite's because they work and are cheap. As stated, once you start adding a power adder you want to go 1 or 2 steps colder on a plug. If you have aluminum heads, use anti sieze on the threads and follow their recommendation as to what plugs- some need a different length.
  8. when im tuning, champion because they go away if you look at them wrong. after the tune is figured out, autolite coppers because they are decent (since the motorcraft is just an autolite) and cheap enough to replace on a regular basis. and heat range depends on application.
  9. Autolite or NGK. Both are good plugs. Always buy a simple copper plug. I've always used Autolites because they are 50 cents cheaper than the NGKs.

  10. fwiw, autolite copper core is probably going to get the most recommendations. They just work. Having said that, I run NGK's in my turbo car :cool:
  11. Cant go wrong with copper core autolites or NGK's. If your running the basic bolt on's then stock heat range plugs will work.
  12. I prefer the super expensive pulsar plugs if your going to kill the motor...