1. What spark plug brand and part # do you like for your 5.0?

    Is there a consensus on one that our engines like best overall?
  2. if its not boosted, then Auolite copper core all the way!
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  3. Pretty much everyone runs Autolite copper plugs. A few people buy NGK plugs. They work about the same.

  4. I agree...with boost I prefer the NGK offerings

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  5. Motor craft

    Autolite split from ford decades ago. Not the same plugs

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  6. NGK is all that I run in mine. Ran the auto lite plugs for years with no trouble, just like the NGK better now
  7. In my 89, been running Autolite platinum for a long time.
  8. N/A applications run Autolite copper not platinum. Cheap and hardly ever foul
    Boosted I ran NGK
    Certain Alum head manufacturers have their own recommendations

    Avoid splitfire, E3, or Accel. All IMO are pure garbage.
  9. I run NGK in everything...

    Ran the. In my 95 my 01 lightning my Volvo my dsm my 88lx every 03 cobra I've ever worked on we run them in the race car I run them in the gen 1 also... No issues
  10. Gt40p's with Autolite 104's