Sparks Behind Steering Wheel & Headlights Blink While Turning.

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by Fstbk, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. Everything in my 65 column is new and I have the Lecarra steering wheel and adapter, last night I noticed that when I turned the wheel the headlights flickered and I also noticed a small spark at the column. I dont like this.

    My turn signals cancel fine, but once in a while they will cancel and turn on the opposite signal when I am making the turn, I am going to check the length of my roll pins today, maybe they are colliding or rubbing on something?

    My horn is also kinda wimpy, I ended up just connecting the one horn and it works fine, but when both are connected it just grunts and the button gets hot. I dont want to do a relay and one horn is fine, I am just mentioning this in the event that it is relevant.

    Also, I have a rack so my column has been modified at the end, Its cut off with a bushing in the end with a new inner steering shaft. I only mention this in the event that maybe it is not grounded enough now? You would think that the inner shaft would still be grounded to the pivots, and them to the rack that is bolted to the frame, but maybe the outer shell is not grounded well enough?

    There is not much under the wheel adapter, and what is there is now is all new. I am going to go check and see if the roll pins for the turn signal cancel switch is hitting the horn contacts, thats all I can think it could be?

    Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this?
  2. Well, upon inspection the top spring post for the horn is bent at the plastic and the turn signal plastic is broken at the hook. I cannot understand how the plastic that holds the spring post is bent, this really makes little sense. I guess I will knock the roll pins in further on the back of the wheel and grease and assemble and see if that helps.