1. I am planning on re-doing my audio system in the fox......
    I wanted to know is a 4 or a 4 1/2 inch speaker fit in the dash??

    I dunno what to get though, I already have a pair of Diamond audio hex 6 1/2 speakers, since they are the add ons to make it a 3-way system i dunno what to get, if I should buy the 4 1/2 or the 5 1/4 hex's??:shrug:

    also can you guys post up pictures of custom door panels, need some ideas what to do......:D
  2. The stock size for the speakers in the dash is 3.5... But I am sure you could fit something larger in there if you worked at it for a minute.

    My setup is all stock. 04sleeper had some really cool custom door panels that he made out of wood for a 8" speaker IIRC. maybe he'll see this thread.
  3. I've changed out everything in mine. I have some small MB Quart tweets in the dash (smaller than the stock dash speakers), 5" (I believe) rounds in the doors by MB Quart, and Kicker Impulse 6x9's in the rear deck.
  4. ya i replaced every speaker in my car this summer with audiobahn and jbl and i think it is better with tweeters in the dash. Iwent through 3 pairs of them 3 1/2s they jus dont seem to hold up to the after market cd player but who knows maybe i jus have bad luck but in my opinion the tweeters are less expensive and sound just as good.:nice:
  5. Tweeters under the dashpad, 6inch or bigger door speakers, and 6inch or bigger rear speakers. Quality wires, speakers, and a small amplifier for the front system, and the rear system. Its no good idea to put bigger speakers under the front dash pad. The feedback from the windshield mess up the sound from the speeaker. 500Hz and up would work fine.
    Ps, the Cd players 4X 50watts isnt tru... Only peak power, at 1000Hz, no RMS-power.
  6. These are my custom door panels with 5.25" Polk Audio component speakers.

  7. With a good set of components (2- or 3-way), I would not even worry about replacing the dash speakers. I deleted mine, along with the rear speakers.

    Here's my door panels, with MB Quart 6.5" speakers (tweeters on custom brackets behind the grills):

  8. thanks for the replys.....

    do you guys think that putting or making a custom sideview mirror tweeter housing would be good?? also i was thinking of buying the q-logic kick panels or making my own for the 3-way set up...

    do you think the 4" speakers would be a wast of money??? should i just buy the 5.25 speakers??
  9. Three ways with a 6.5 in the door and the 4 and tweeter in the kick panel sound awesome in a fox! Only reason I didn't do it was because of my concerns with the clutch pedal.

    And, IMO, the mirror spot is too high for the tweeters. They'll be VERY bright at that height, so consider temping them there for a listen before you do something permanent/time consuming.
  10. Polk 6.5 components

  11. so I should be fine with a 4" or would the 5.25 be better??
    I was also thinking of just buying another 6 1/2" hex's since I got the oes I have now for like $70..... Dunno

    I would like to do a 3-way though..... :shrug: :shrug:
  12. i was also thinking of making a spare tire sub enclosure..... I have a JL 12" w3v2 but was thinking of sellin it and getting 2 - 10"w3v2 ?? you guys think that would be better??:shrug: