Speaking of new Renders........

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  1. Has anyone seen the new render of the C6 Corvette? It was in the latest issue of Road and Track.

    Now that is a nice looking car. I can't say the same about the proposed new Camaro but the Vette looks great.
  2. I saw a concept drawing of the Camaro, it was sweet as hell. The new C6 looks pretty good, but the ass end on those things keeps getting bigger and bigger....sort of like the Mustang.
  3. Pics from a new C6 Commercial shoot
  4. I like that color. That's really slick.
  5. Not the picture I was talking about but that is the car. That thing looks fantastic and that color is really nice.
  6. WOW MUCH better than I expected

  7. Yeah some of the renders I had seen in the past were too rounded for my liking. This car looks great. It still maintains the basic Vette shape but makes some sharper lines and looks a little more exotic.
  8. And then the Corvette Creator said "Let the Corvette look like the NSX.", and it did.

  9. well there are worse cars it could look like.
  10. The front reminds me too much of the last Camaro, and we all know how ugly they were. Anyone have that picture of the Camaro, and the fish?
  11. I dont know why... but I hate the new vettes styling. I think they killed it.
  12. [​IMG]
  13. I love the way the SS Camaro's look.....catfish or no catfish. They're sweet cars. I think the C6 looks more like the NSX than it does the Camaro.
  14. That isn't the C6, it's just what someone at MotorTrend thinks it might look like
  15. The spy pics of the C6 leave me wanting...it doesn't look.....Corvette enough if that makes any sense.
  16. I think the current Vette is nicer :shrug:
  17. Hey JayGreenLX,
    Can I go in the 5.0 forum and asks about the C4 Vette?
  18. Sure whatever floats your boat there fruity.