Speaking of new Renders........

Discussion in '2005 - 2009 Specific Tech' started by JaysGreenLX, Dec 5, 2003.

  1. And they say the Mustangs style hasnt chaned in like 10 years. The Corvette is getting VERY stale.
  2. it's ok that it looks like last years NSX. have you seen the possible new nsx. Looks like a female enzo ferrari. Corvette's are getting stale. But pparently thedesigners at chevy like big butts
  3. The new C6 Corvette looks VERY stale and it resembles the Acura NSX. In a few words, it looks UGLY. They ruined the Corvette. I only liked the mid 1990's styling of the Corvette. They bastardized it when they started making it rounded looking like everything else.
  4. easy there. have you tried more roughage in your diet? perhaps a bran cereal in your diet. a light salad at dinner?
  5. I hate the new vette. It needs a diet, and the front looks too much like a viper.....
  6. ive got some info. on the c6 vette- here looks ok, but the rear is blah. 05 mustang is such a great looking car.
  7. Since they started out "rounded looking" then doesn't that mean they were "bastardized" from the begining?
  8. They ARE bastardized. A rounded out Corvette is like having a flat chested woman that looks like a man. Both don't go good together. It's the same way with the Corvette when it looks rounded. It just doesn't look good.
  9. i like the return to the early c4 style round taillights.