Speaking Of Special Editions

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  1. I'd hit it (again)

    Her brother
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  2. A try hard?
  3. I climbed a water tower once...
  4. you didnt jump
  5. What was this thread about again? You guys want some pop?
  6. Here in good ol' Ioway, the gas stations have banners that advertise "Fountain Pop." Moving here from TX, it took a little getting used to. That and the whole "you guys" thing rather than "y'all." Back on topic though, there arent any special editions that I know of here. If anything a dealer might do a college edition such as Hawkeye edition or Cyclone edition, since those are our main two public college mascots. That would consist of a sticker package though.
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  7. y'all want some pop?
  8. Pop is what I called it until I moved down here. Then it became a Cold drink. "Y'all wanna cold drink?" ( Like you'd actually prefer a warm one instead)

    Colorado Ford dealers also got on board back in the 60's, and sold a High Country Special version of a California Special. Only difference was that it had a badge that the selling dealer screwed onto the car after it was delivered as a GT/CS. But it could be had w/ an optional ski rack strapped to the trunk lid. :nonono:
  9. I remember seeing pics of one of those. Better suited to a soobie
  10. Ford also built a "twister" special edition around the same time as the C/S
  11. When I got to Columbus every year, I always get a chuckle how black people (or at least I only saw black people doing it) refer to everything is a "coke".

    Gonna grabe a coke....shows up to the counter with a Dr Pepper.

    Oh and as far as the special Edition Mustangs go....


  12. The Yankee edition might be the ugliest car ever made.