Special 70 Mach-1 ?

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  1. I looked at a 70 Mach-1 yesterday. I`m most likely buying it. The owner said it was pretty special. The specs was: 302 2V C4, 9" with 4:11.1, It got the rear deck spoiler and rear window louvers and it got AC.

    Does anybody know if this is a special setup ? Thanks :nice:

  2. I'd break out the book on this one. I'm pretty sure they never put a 9" behind a 302 2V. It could have been changed though. Can you get the vin number and specs off the door tag?
  3. Here is the Vin: 0F05M103275
    The doortag is gone... :( Hope you can help me :nice:

  4. Agree - get us the vin # at least -

    In the US, Machs didn't come with 302's until the '71 - '73 body styles - the engine vin should be an "H" "M" "Q" or "R".

    EDIT* Aha - just saw your post -
  5. My book is at home, but I'm pretty sure that the F in the vin shows that it's not a Mach 1. All the other stuff was probably added on. I'll check my code book and let you know unless someone beats me to it.
  6. Vin: 0F05M103275

    (Don't have my book either - what is body style 05? - I know 1970 the mach got it's own # for the vin - but I can't remember and Ive got a '69)
    M = 351 4v (5th digit in vin )

    One thing is for sure - the 302 and C-4 are NOT the original drive train for that vehicle. Judging by the year it would have likely been a Cleveland 4v with either an FMX auto tranny or a 3 - 4spd car (look for clutch pedal)

  7. Thanks for all the help guys :nice:
    I know a Mustang dued who got alot of books on cracking the codes, and he says: 05 in VIN is Mach1, 02 is Sportsroof

    Disagree ? :)
    you guys are very helpfull :flag:
  8. No problem - My '69 is an 02 - 1970 was the first year Ford assigned the Mach its own body style # - I just couldn't recall what it was! :lol: From all appearances then it is legit (just not the drivetrain!)
  9. Actually the "F" in the VIN (second digit) indicates the car was built in Dearborn, it has nothing to do with whether it is a Mach 1 or not. And yes the "05" designation indicates it is a Mach 1, which did start in the 1970 model year.
    Hope this helps!!
  10. This helps !!! :nice: :flag: :) Thanks A lot !!!
  11. amazing how much info http://www.mustangdecoder.com/decoder.html will tell ya :nice:

    Warranty Number: 0F05M103275
    Year: 0 1970
    Plant: F Dearborn, MI
    Body Series: 05 SportsRoof, Mach 1
    Engine: M 351 4v V8
    Unit: 103275 103275

    heres your vin decoded. I KNOW mach1's NEVER came with 302's.

    also, mach 1 production started in 1969 not 1970.
  12. Thanks 65fastback2+2 :nice:
    I was hoping that the engine was the original. i had plans on doing a matching number resto on this one. Maybe i could push the price down because of this :)
    Here`s the engine..

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  13. hmmm....one of my brothers had a 72 or 73 mach 1 with a 302, automatic. i am quite sure the engine was original...
  14. They changed that in '71 or '72. After '70, the Mach 1 was nothing more than stickers and scoops. All Mach 1's in '69 and '70 came with the 9" rear end as Ford put them behind the 351 and higher engines and that's the minumum size for the Mach 1 those 2 years. The minumum engine went to 302 after that. Your engine was the 351C-4V like the others said. In '69 the "M" code was the 351W-4V, '70 was 351C-4v.
  15. the 71, 72, 73 mach were available w/ 302

    the 70 machs did not come from the factory with 4.11's in any case,
    they all did have plastic honeycomb molding on the rear panel, along with pop open gas caps, also a 'aluminum rocker panel molding, unique to the mach 1' in 1970, whatever that is.

    it didn't mention anything about rear spoiler or louvers.

    they do appear to have all had the wood grained interior, front and rear stabilizer bars, and the seats were knitted vinyl with horizontal pleats (about an inch or two wide) from about the neck line all the way down. the stripe at the neckline, where the horizontal pleats ended was color coded to the interior. oh, and the round electric clock mounted on the passenger side instrument panel.
  16. like the 1971 mach 1 with the 429, 4 speed, 4.11's with the optional drag pk?
  17. also, from the picture posted, that is not an original 1970 mach 1 front grill. they came with the square driving lamps.
  19. actually, i believe the drag pak in 1970 offered 3.91 or 4.3, not 4.11
  20. hmmmmmmmmmmm