Special 70 Mach-1 ?

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  1. well, according to specs on stangs that year from mustang monthly, i guess they could be wrong though. according to them, no mustang was offered with 4.11 in that year. they say the possibilities were...2.75, 2.79, 2.83, 3.00, 3.08, 3.25, 3.50, 3.91, and 4.30
  2. am I going blind, or does that 302 in the pic have Ram Air on it?
  3. TazerRE Good news ! You are NOT going blind :)
    Its got the shaker.. I shall post more pics now :nice:

  4. You guys know your stuff !!!
    Here are more pics of the car, maybe you see some details thats wrong ?




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  6. I noticed that also, i asked the owner but he hadent changed it. I belive the car has a ruff history
  7. yea, that rear panel (the black panel around the gas cap) should be molded honeycomb, and the cap is a screw on, but the machs had pop offs, further, the thick black stripe with the chrome mach I lettering in the center is missing from the backside (vertical part) of the trunk lid. also... the hood latches (twist type) which were standard on machs in 1970 are missing. also not the deluxe 3 spoke rim blow steering wheel that came with 1970 mach
  8. The steering wheel had been stolen ! This is the same as one of my 73 had. The twist type hood latches has been there, but they have been dissable.. Some guys has welded the hole in the hood. That job i saw with my own eyes
  9. Um... correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that the Boss 302 Stripe kit with the stripes on the sides removed rather than the Mach 1 paint job? And a 302 with Ram Air?

    I think you might want to do a bit more research on that car.... I'm not sure if the VIN may have already disproved this, but I'd almost think it's a Boss 302 rather than a Mach.


  10. It looks like the side stripes are reflecting the camera flash.
  11. It has crossed my mine. I dident write the Vin, a guy witch collects all info on Mustangs in Norway did a few years ago. It has never been registered in norway. and im begining to think that maybe that vin is for another car.

    The info witch says it could be a Boss: 302, standard grille, shaker. Info from Illustrated Mustang buyers guide: "Occasionally, you may see a Boss 302 without the front spoiler, and this is because it never was installed. These cars were shipped to the dealers without the spoiler installed. It was up to the dealers to install it, and apparently, didn`t always do so. It says that it also dident got the honeycomb on the rear deck." And it dosent got the frontspoiler or the honeycomb

    Some other details to check if it is a Boss ? Where would i look for rust ?
    You guys are the best :nice: :nice: :flag:

  12. The Mach 1 was nothing more than stickers in '69 and '70 as well. Any engine that came in a Mach 1 was available in all body styles.
  13. I checked another book, and it said that the Boss 302 came with standard interior...the door sides are standard. But it also came out with deluxe (as a option)

    What if it is a Boss ? :nice: :hail2:

  14. Then it is a stolen car. The BOSS vin should be 0*02G****** .

    The vin you posted (0*05M******) is for a 351 4V Mach 1.
  15. :shrug: you will have to recheck the vin # and see.
    :( what the pic's look like is a mach clone, itmay be a Sportsroof.
    Sorry Oz thats what it's called, they did not come with the folddown rear seat.

    There are too many things that are not on the car that should be for a Mach1.
    a closer inspection is required to ID this car.

  16. 68darkhorse - See, that's what's bugging me. He had posted the VIN earlier, and it checked out like a Mach, but the car itself I think looks like a Boss...
    Got the 302, the Ram Air, the Stripe Kit.....

    Something's not adding up quite right here...

    Argh, I'm confused, and this is bothering me now... Somebody please find an answer to this so I can sleep again...

    :bang: :p
  17. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: Thats why I am leaning toward it being a Sportsroof,
    the Boss,s were like them with the Boss option added IE eng/trans/rear.
    they also came with and without the ram air.
    but a basic int.
  18. Here`s a picture of the back. I dident get all the way in the car and i dident see the trunk. But is this fold down back seat ???

    Actually the car can be stolen.. it was like a trend in europe in the eightees.. I have heard many storys on it. Like a 70 Shelby Cab that was stolen in 83, was found in a wood chooped in norway a few years back. But to find out that exact without the door tag would most likely be hard... maybe the doors got changed also... I think it would be a mystery... Im going to check the car more within the week

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  20. Okay pabear, maybe you're right...

    I wasn't aware that you could get standard sportsroofs with Ram Air on them for any engine...

    I suppose it could be an attempted Boss 302 clone (or hey, maybe still a real one), but I'm thinking with some confidence that it's not a Mach.