special edition foxes

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  1. ok so i know about the saleen, dechs, cobra gt, and 7-up's but what i wanna know is what other special edition foxes are there?
  2. McLaren, Cobra R, 79 Pace
  3. i forgot the mclaren the cobra is just basically a gt cobra without an interior and all the creature comforts
  4. Dont forget the 84 GT350. Based on the GT models and SVO models.
  5. GT302 Predator i think their called.
  6. 83-84 GT Turbos, Triple White Convertibles
  7. Fittipaldi Equipe's ( named after Indy racer Emerson Fittipaldi), '92 Spring Feature LX 5.0 convertibles, '88 (I think) Mustang Interceptor (not a police package).