Mach 1 Special Edition Mach 1?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by boatillo, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Saw this 2004 in Honolulu, some differences I noted:

    1) Color, is like a torchfire red
    2) No hood stripe
    3) Polished retro mag wheels
    4) Black "Mach 1" pop-open fuel door
    5) Color matched rear spoiler
    6) Huge exhaust tips, seemed much larger than other Mach's


  2. I'd say it was a GT with some Mach add-ons. There were no special edition Mach's made that I'm aware of.
  3. It is a Police Department vehicle if you notice, and I *really* couldn't see some PD spending the money to make a GT look like a Mach 1 - but could be, people do anything!

    Should also mention I saw the 2006 Hertz Shelby cruising around the streets twice while I was there, but didn't catch any pics :(
  4. :nice: nice cop car.
  5. Might be a drug repo car. (Kind of like the DARE cars.)

    It's not a Mach. Mach's have a flat black spoiler.
  6. I think alot of cops in Hawaii use thier personally owned vehicles for patrol work. There was a thread on this not long ago.
  7. should have checked out the engine. or next time check the vin. if there's an R in there, then it is (or was) a real Mach.
  8. Didn't think about checking the VIN, didn't want to look like I was snooping in his car in case he came along! heh

    Was the Mach 1 package offered as a stand-alone option purchase? I know you can buy the new GT/CS pieces as a set from Ford and bolt them on yourself - but this car DOES have the comfort-weave seats, would be a lot of trouble to add those just to fake a Mach 1.
  9. It's a Mach. And the rear spoiler can be painted. Someone on Mach1Registry bought an Azure Blue Mach and the rear spoiler was painted blue. The striping, Shaker, seats, rims, hood could only be had when buying the Mach. No package was offered to doll a GT up to look like a Mach, unlike the wanna-be '06's trying to do it.
  10. I know all Machs don't have those polished chrome retro magnum wheels, was that an optional choice? Everyone that I have seen sports the more "brushed aluminum" looking ones.
  11. Their was never any option for the polished rims, but I had seen new Mach 1's on the lots when the Mach's were still being built that the dealer had changed the rims to something else. I think that Mach is a drug repo car.
  12. My brother-in-law is a State Trooper in Arizona and he was telling me about their 'special' police cruiser that they have. It happens to be a Camaro with several thousands of dollars in mods and it supposedly runs 11s or sumsin. Not sure of the year or anything but he said they actually put a lot of money into it and it's a bad bad ******..... Just goes to show that the po' is willing to spend a lil bit of cheez on their vehicles :nice:
  13. Yes there is.

    A local Ford dealership here in St. Louis was adding the Mach rims, chin spoiler, badging, shaker and hood stripe, and sometimes rear window louvers to GT's for an extra cost. (They made a LOT of them too.) That's why I look at the spoiler most of the time to tell what it is around here cause that's the only thing they usually didn't make look Mach

  14. After looking again you are correct. If you look inside you can see the Mach driver seat with the interior upgrade gray stripe.

    Looks like maybe they painted the whole car and ditched all the flat black. (Hood & Spoiler.):shrug:
  15. I'd say it was a Mach 1 that was wrecked, rebuilt, and is now being used as a cop car. The only non-Mach 1 things about it are the spoiler and missing nose stripe. Everything else, including the C-pillars which are really easy to overlook, are that of a Mach 1. If this was a mock Mach than they'd be more likely to over look the the C-pillars than the stripe or spoiler.
  16. Well, whether it is, isn't, was, or wasn't I wish it was mine! :)

    btw love those black rims djlethalwang!
  17. what's special about the C-pillars.
  18. The C-pillars on a Mach 1 and a Bullitt are different than all other Mustangs. Where the pillar joins the fender is slanted back towards the front of the car, to create the illusion of a fastback, whereas all the other Mustangs, including 03/04 Cobras, had a more curved design to them. You really don't notice it until you see the cars side by side. That is definitely a Mach 1 that has been repainted. And yes, you could conceivably purchase all the Mach 1 items separately, and turn a GT into a Mach 1. The most difficult part would be the engine, shaker, and hood. The Ford Mach 1 hood and shaker won't fit a GT's 2valve engine correctly. I believe Kar Kraft sells a kit that fixes that problem though, otherwise you would have to use a shaker kit from CDC or some other aftermarket company.
  19. I have no stripe becuase my stripe chipped and I pulled it off. So they probably just took the strip off and painted the rear spoiler or got a deal on a GT one.

    Other than that all basic changes people do to Mach 1 s. Rims and gas door.

    Hood and interior replacement cost would make copycatting one silly I think.