"Special" SE GT500 Cobra

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  1. Wouldn't you guys think it would be amazing if our good buddy Mr. Carrol Shelby would go to the Ford factory and autograph the dash of the 1st GT500 that rolls off the assembly line? :nice: Or if Ford would pay him some big bucks, autograph the 1st maybe 100 Shelby's. I think this would be an amazing touch and that those cars would be collector items the second his hand made the final stroke. I thought of this when you go to car shows and some old shelby's have his autograph on the passenger side dash.

    However, a draw back from this is that Ford would have to make sure those 1st cars that would be signed were customer orders. If a dealer received a car like that the mark-up would be HUGE! :notnice:

    So what do you guys think of this?
  2. Shelby's autograph is not that hard to come by. I met him at Ford's 100th and got his autograph. Many had their glove box doors and other parts for him to sign. He also offers his signature, for money, to finance his heart foundation. So getting his signature on the car as long as he is living should not be that big of a problem.
    The cars will already be collector's items. And you are right, they would be even more so with his signature.
    Shelby won't live forever and his signature would only get more valuable with time. A photo of him signing would also be good.