specs on a 2.3 mustang

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  1. How much horsepower/torque does a 1993 Mustang 2.3 liter make?
  2. 105hp, 135 ft*lbs :banana:
  3. That is true power :rlaugh:

  4. When I had my '93 auto I had it dynoed, with only a Flowmaster, it put 81hp and 100tq to the reear wheels, the numbers posted above are at the Flywheel, just a little FYI
  5. That sounds about right, Figure approx 17% parasitic loss from flywheel to wheels on a 5 speed, more for an auto.
  6. From one 93' 2.3L owner to another.......Not enough :(
  7. enough to move the car, but not enough to make the car accelerate