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  1. ive been driving my stang since mid-december. the gov. is set to 115mph, but thats right after i hit the 5th gear, and im only at 3000-3500 rpms, theres way more power to spare. anyone know how to adjust, perhaps know how i could take it off?
  2. I would like to take mine off too, but I don't know where the thing is.
  3. probably built into comp and will need to reprogram it.
  4. That is all programmed into the powertrain control module. It programmed based on the speed rating of the OEM tires. the V6 Mustangs come with T-rated tires, hence the 115mph cap. the GT has higher rated tires and a corresponding highr speed limit
  5. if hes hittin 3000-3500 rpms in 5th, wouldn't that mean the v6 could prolly hit 130-140, depenging on if it has the power to hit 6000 rpms?
  6. While I have not had the opportunity to verify it, my understanding is that the X-Calibrator will remove the governor from the car, among other things.

    Oh, and I believe mathematically the car would redline around 196 mph in overdrive, if it actually had the power to overcome the drag. I may have been slightly off in the gearing ratios though, so don't quote me on that.
  7. If you get an Xcalibrator or a Predator (whenever they come out) it will take out the speed and rev limiters as well as the take off delay in the drive by wire
  8. C-daddy,

    Do many performance shops have these calibrator devices and can/will they "flash" a car with your desired parameters so that you don't have to spend $300+ for the whole unit? I would like to have the throttle delay and rev limiter functions removed without having to buy a calibrator unit. $40 to $50 seems reasonable for the time/effort it would take someone to do this. Is this a common "speed-shop" service for cars?
  9. 198, theres no way a c6 could do it, i wouldnt even think a gt could hit 198, to much wind resistants, but i think your math may be off some, sounds kinda high...
  10. Actually, echo, the GT can go 205
  11. its easy to work out, just find out what the mph per 1000rpm is in top and times that by the red line revs, e.g.

    Example (figures not taken from a Mustang)
    30mph per 1000rpm in top, 6000rpm red line

    30 x 6 = 180mph

    of course lack of power/aerodynamics/CO drag/Friction/weather conditions plus others will all contribute to whether a car can reach its theoretical top speed.

    At a guess a 130mph+ plus would seem sensible for the V6, but DON'T go that quick with out the correctly rated tyres - if you have a blow out at that speed it will not be good.

  12. I'm not sure if they can with those two units. I know with the Predator the tuning features can only be used on one car (you have to reflash back to factory before you can move to a diff car) I'm not sure about the Xcal. But speed shops might have a way to do it. Try calling some in your area and see if it's possible (but I think you might pay more than you think is reasonable since I think when they tune they do it on a dyno)
  13. But does it have the power to go 205?

    now that i have the pirellis, might be fun to get the govenor off someday :D

    they're rated W, which is like 168mph compared to the stock T 118mph, wonder if the v6 could pull it off??
  14. You can find the speed and rpm tables here:

    I based the calculation off of a stock tire size of 216/65 x 16

    I used a 6000 RMP redline and an axle ratio of 3.65
    The gear ratios I used were:
    1st 3.38:1
    2nd 2.00:1
    3rd 1.32:1
    4th 1.00:1
    5th .675:1

    I believe that is the stock setup for a V8 manual transmission and not a v6 auto, but that configuration gives you 196 mph at 6000 RPM. It also sits around 2500 rpm at 80mph and 3500 at 115, which from my observations seems pretty close. If anyone has actual gear ratios for a v6 automatic transmission, the answer is easy to come by.
  15. Well, if this site can be trusted, I had the gearing all wrong. The gearing is in fact as follows:

    3.31 Axle Ratio

    3.25 First Gear
    2.44 Second Gear
    1.55 Third Gear
    1.00 Fourth Gear
    0.75 Fifth Gear

    The final result is only slightly different however, showing 6000 rpm in 5th gear to be 194 mph with the stock V6 tire size. Please note that this is a theoretical max speed based on engine RPM, gear ratio and tire size only. I find it highly unlikely that the V6 possesses the power to actually reach redline in 5th gear.
  16. I think you may have to use the rpms at which the engine produces the most power (5250 for the V6) to determine the theoretical top speed more accurately. This would be around 169.7 mph using the values you generated above. Wind resistance and traction would probably prevent you from approaching anywhere near this speed, rev limiter or not.
  17. Yeah, wish someone would take it off and max it out, see what these ponies are made of, does anybody know what the old 3.8s or 3.9s were capable of?
  18. I had my dads 00 V6 5spd to 110 in 4th and then hit 5th (DOWN HILL) and it started lowing down LOL. I have heard though that in 4th they would top out at 119. I have had the GT to around 125 a few times(before gears...115 after gears), but when your going that fast everything comes up SO FAST, you really need a LONG straight highway.
  19. What were the RPMs at when you were crusing at 125?
  20. 3,300 RPM