SPEEDING-How many Tickets ???????

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  1. Hey Fellas, I was just wondering how many Speeding Tickets have you got so far ???? Did you pled Guilty and pay them or Contest ???? There is a sad truth about the Courts not giving enough info about your rights on the DOCKETS -They just say "PAY THIS AMOUNT".....so for all those SUCKERS (Including myself in the past) just know that there is a way to even Contest without appearing in Court "TRIAL BY WRITTEN DECLARATION" there is a 50-50 chance so why not try it .If the Cop doesn`t reply by mail w/all the paperwork needed you WIN (Usually they Tend to GO TO COURT because of the PAY-which is double on their days off) I did pay my first ticket $250(Summer 2004)went to traffic school and no POINTS on my Record but the second one I did some research and found out about a site that teaches you how to CONTEST your Case and it`s not just for Speeding all kinds of Violations RED LIGHT, ......after all it`s : "INNOCENT UNTILL PROVEN GUILTY" Right ??????

    This is the site http://ticketassassin.com/whyfight.html
    I think it`s for California residents only but there are some for other states too just need to search. Good luck and Post your opinions and Expiriences w/the LAW I know it`s tempting when you have a FAST vehicle not to drive Fast :hail2: :hail2:
  2. Or you could just drive the speed limits and not worry about tickets. Then again the slowest speed limit outside the subdivision is 45mph untill you get into town (yes town, not city, only like 3000 people lol), then it's 40. Here, you take defensive driving and don't have to pay and nothing on record, but there's also difer judication, basically the ticket is put on hold, not on record, but you better **** well drive good for 2 years or else you get both tickets doubled in fines and one bad record. I have no tickets, don't give cops even a probably cause, but they sure follow me ALOT, even when everyone else is speeding.
  3. I haven't got any tickets...yet.
  4. True that, but w/a MUSTANG I don`t think you can LAY OFF that Pedal even if it`s a V6 :) I don`t speed that much in the City(maybe some Rubber and fast cornering), Just the Freeway

    When I get my MACH 1 I`m getting a GOOD ANTI RADAR $400-500....forget the COBRA Antiradar-it didn`t work w/my V6 kinda :D kinda
  5. I also live in a pocket where no police department claims jurisdiction, but about 3 miles in either way is a town/city, and the cops patrol VERY heavily. The town cops are strict as hell and WILL pull you over doing 32 in a 30. They always love to follow and stare me down. Now down the 55mph highway, I'll once in awhile do 0-55 as fast as that sixer can to hear them high RPMs =). As a bonus, I aint gotta show off, the car sitting still attracts more chicks than the ricers revving annoyingly haha.
  6. I have 3. One about 2 years ago, and the last 2 occured on consecutive evenings about 6 months ago. I paid 2, and took a defensive driving class for the other.

    The fist ticket i got for doing 70 in a 55, but I had just passed up a guy that was going 40 so I got the shaft on that. The other times I just wasn't paying attention to the speed reduction as soon as I entered the city limits (55 to 40), and the cops like to hang out about 20 feet from the signs.
  7. I've haven't had any trouble with cops, even I should have been pulled over. There were times I was doing twenty over the limit and a cop is siting right there infronth of me. I guess the thing is that I don't really speed on the streets, just mainly on the highway. I also have a good instinct when to speed or not.
  8. Cops hang out near the freeway overpass near me because the road is like 55 (but everyone cept the elderly do 60+, old people do like 35 and PISS ME THE **** OFF, it's how I get to school) then you cross the city limits and it's 50 without you knowing it. Your just supposed to know in city is 5mph slower than out of city from driving school.
  9. 3 wilfull wreckless tickets, one stopsign violation and no speeding tickets...ever!

    even thought me and my buddie have done many countless races home from the town down the hiway(15mi at 100-114 mph)

    Many many fun times.

    Dont worry we did it at a time where theres noone on the hiways, been living in the area for 19 years, we know when theres no trafic.
  10. 2 seeding, one for "illegal squealing of tires" and one for not wearing a seatbelt cause i took it off before the officer got to the window.(got thrown out in court)
  11. Technicly 2. One is on the books and I paid for it. Got two points on my liscense for that one.

    The other isn't because the cop took my F.O.P. card and told me to slow down and get lost.
  12. I get about 10-15 a day........

    FOP cards don't work with me, I'm in a separate union, so the FOP doesn't do crap for me
  13. I've had my car almost 6 years, never been pulled over once. I speed carefully. In town, no more than 5 over the limit. On the highway, I just make sure I am not the fastest one on the road. Some maniac in a lifted Tahoe wants to go 90 in the left lane, I move over and let him. That makes my 70 look like nothing. I love the speed demons, you can follow them at a distance safely. It may sound strange to say you can fly under the radar in a bright red car, but you can! If I have to speed to pass, do it quickly then slow down to the limit as soon as possible. And carry a gift certificate for Dunkin Donuts, just in case, paper-clipped to your registration.
  14. Ive had 6 cars since I got my liscense in 1990 and Ive gotten 3 or 4 tickets.
  15. You see there was your mistake.......You should`ve faught that.According to the BASIC SPEED LAW you weren`t Speeding-Just Avoiding a danger. Situation on the road w/a slow moving vehicle and the other driver should`ve been charged w/not obeying the BASIC SPEED LAW....................
  16. I would've, but I don't have time to dispute my fines and such. I just pay them and get it over with.
  17. I got my very first one the other night. 60 in a 45, 180$:mad:
  18. Well... No speeding tickets ::knock on wood:: If I see a cop turn around.. I floor it :jester:
  19. :nono: That is smart.
  20. ive "ducked 2 from the dumbass largo police
    came up on them at night once doing 65 in a 45 they make a U turn and turn thier lights on by the time they made the 2nd to get on my ass i was gone hehehe down a side street with my lights off other than that about 4 or 5 tickets only 1 in the stang though