Speedmaster Shaker Setup for 1969 - experience?


Sep 2, 2015
Eastern PA
I'm adding a shaker hood to a 1969 base 302 car. I've been looking at everything from piecing together parts to complete packages. I am inclined to stay away from fiberglass as I'm not sure how durable those would actually be. I came across the Speedmaster shaker: https://speedmaster79.com/Ford-Must...teel-Air-Cleaner-Aluminum-Hood-Scoop-Assembly

All steel and aluminum. I think it's a pretty reasonable price for the package. Only needs hood ring, flapper and actuator (which I probably don't need). I can't find any real world experience with this particular shaker. While they advertise for 69' - 70' mustang, it doesn't call out a particular motor. My motor is a 302 with a Weiand Street Warrior manifold and QFT 580 carb.....which I believe is at a pretty standard height.

Does anyone have any feedback?

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