speedo cluster ?

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  1. Is the clear plastic cover on the gauge cluster of an 04 attached with screws or is it "glued" therefore having to be "broken" apart to install trim?
  2. Yes and no to your question. Some companies say that the trim rings can be installed without cutting. You can do this if you have a drimmel and a steady hand, just be sure to use silicone to put it back together. It won't be as strong as factory though.


    This is why I did this:

  3. That looks SWEEEEET!

    Did you have to take the plastic apart like shown to make that happen? I assume yes.
  4. Yea I had to take a drimmel to it, I might try a heatgun to see if it will pull apart but I doubt it will. It's not as bad as it sounds actually, just take your time and cut as close to the seam as possible. I choose to do this because it's different than what else is out there and I thought it would look good (which it does). Might want to wear a mask actually as gay as it sounds, the fumes from cutting the plastic were pretty good.
  5. Wow, that cluster does look good. Nice job.
  6. Thanks for the tips. I am a bit leary about cutting up the car, but if I do, I may go a route similar to yours....
  7. Well there is nothing like resurrecting a super old dead thread.... I finally got around to getting the speed cluster out and dremel-ing it apart. It was not nearly as bad as I anticipated. Once I get the cluster finished, is silicone as stated above by txredgt the best way to re-attach the parts? I have read / told not use super glue. I am mainly looking for the best adhesion with the least mess.