Drivetrain Speedo Gear

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  1. Ok, so I did a search for this but nothing came up... (Maybe because I'm using my phone) but does anyone make a speedo gear for a 96-98 Mustang with a 5-speed and 4.10s? All I can find are ones for 3.55's and higher except for Cobras. Looked on LRS AND American Muscle and a few other site but came up with nothin...
  2. They are out there but with 4.10's the general consensus is that the gears will wear out pretty quick and not be worth while unlike a speed cal unit to correct the new gears. Dallas Mustang has a good speed cal unit.
  3. Awesome thank you! I'm not really planning on keeping the 4.10s anyway. switching to 3.73s at least so that unit looks like I can keep changing it instead of having to buy new speedo gears each time.
  4. Yep if you plan to switch gears it's a great upgrade over the trans gears. I cannot comment on how to install as I actually went the route you were wanting (I just have 3.55's currently with the IRS swap) but the speedcal is the way to go. I want to say it can also help with transmission changes as well.
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  5. That will be nice if I can ever get the money to do a T-56 or Tremec 6060 upgrade. Lol. I just bought this car and I have quite a list already.There's a lot of things I WANT to do, but this is one of those things I NEED to do.
  6. Steeda makes a white 23T speedo gear for t45's.