Speedometer not working

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  1. My speedometer has not worked in what seems like forever and i'm tired of getting tickets!!!!!:( It sits on 80 most of the time but when i stop it falls to all the way down to the right. I talked to the guy at o'reillys and he said sounds like the speed sensor so i bought it and replaced it but no change. Anyone got any other ideas????

    look for a good used gauge cluster at a local wrecking yard the speedo gauge has a little electric motor that may be sticking once you hits 80 and will not let it return.
    Possible wear on the neddle rod where the speedo passes into the bezle?
    I have replaced several that some one tryed the vss first and it wound up being the speedo head. should be able to pick one up for 20-50 bucks if your car is 1999or newer with digital oddometer mileage will fix it self if not the miles will be incorrect.
    unless you roll it your self......:D
  3. What year is this stang? I have an extra gauge cluster with 120 mph speedo. The cluster can't be used as a whole because the PCB on the back is from a 95 GT. I got the original cluster with 150 mph speedo from this 95 GT but couldn't use the PCB, so I just swapped gauges. Only problem is the odometer don't work. The odometer will be your problem if you replace the gauge or cluster (if it's a 94 - 98). Your mileage won't be accurate and may be exempt on a title transfer or resale.
  4. It is a 95. Can i just use the speedometer from a new cluster or does it not come apart like that??? Sorry i'm kinda clueless when it comes to this kind of stuff.
  5. No problem :)
    The speedometer and odometer are all part of one piece. The speedometer gauge has several long pins on the back that plug into the PCB. Attached to the side of the speedo is the odometer. A current from the speedo goes to power a small motor with several small plastic gears. These gears rotate the analog numeric readout you see as your miles driven. There is no way to separate the odo from the speedo. At least not that I have known. The odo is built into the speedo (riveted , geared and hardwired). The speedometer and odometer on 01-04 are totally different. The odo on these models is a digital readout. Odo memory is stored in the cars PCM (computer) and not the pcm itself. So using a speedo or odo from one of these units would not be possible, even if you took the entire gauge cluster. I have not tried this, but even if the speedo worked, the odo definately would not.

    I believe the 99-00 still use the analog setup like 94-98 (I'm not 100 percent on that). If the speedo hasn't been broken for too long, you may be able to get another speedo gauge and have the odometer manually set to your current odometer reading. IF...it hasn't been too long. Does your current odometer still continue to update the mileage? or are both the speedo and odo broke? Here'a suggestion. Since you have planned to replace the gauge, take the gauge out of the cluster and simply push the needle back carefully to the start position. See if that does anything. Chances are the needle return spring is broke or.... something else internal. I don't know anything about repairing the actual speedometer assembly though. Sorry.

    I am afraid that once a speedo/odo breaks, your vehicle mileage will forever be exempt. Its a 95? How many miles does it have ? (or did ir say?)
  6. The odo still works fine. I took it out and was all excited because it worked but that was short lived because it fell back to the other side of the peg. :mad: