spiders and bugs and webs OH MY......

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  1. Allright so in the last two months the stang has sat...it has become a bug motel :(

    I had a TON of webs hanging from the car to the ground when i moved it from the front driveway to the back yesterday....and this morning, they were all back haha....and inside the trunck there was a HUGE ass fricking web :bang:

    Upon pulling back the carpet in the rear i found 2 spiders, a roach and a big ass ant looking thing... needless to say i just walked outside to take the trash out...the webs are hanging to the ground again lol

    has anyone ever bug bombed the car>? Is this a bad thing to do? because i will be working inside it again in the next couple of days...i havent done it yet but im bout to....because i dont do spiders:nonono:
  2. :lol: had the same thing happend to me but i olny left it out for 2 years lol
    Give her a quick wash on the out side and open the doors they will all be gone. make sure you get the underside.
    dont spray bug spray it just kills them in there then you have dead bugs everywere.
  3. Wash the outside....check

    Spray bottom of car.....check

    Open doors and let them out......check lol
  4. now get to work on that hole in your floor so they don't come back!
  5. Bugs like Mustangs too, just like people.
  6. I used to have this 1975 Buick LeSabre. Huge car. It sat parked once from Feb-May. I started it up and was driving it along ok this one day and turned the air on when bees started shooting out the AC vent. into the car. Apparantly, a bunch of yellow jackets had taken up a nest in the car and got in the duct work somehow. We pulled over and bailed out as if somebody had tossed a live granade into the car.
  7. :lol:

    Damn i hate bees and wasps too hahahahahahaha
  8. I had a junker one time with holes in the floor and while driving a mouse ran across my foot!! I couldn't find him so I sold the car.:rlaugh:
  9. LOL this is turning into a story thread.....which is FINE to me

    But does everyone agree with the wash the car idea? lol

  10. HAHAHA WOW I had the same thing happend to me... It was in my friends
    1968 coronet 500
    People stop bye us and asked are you guys ok. then soon after they saw the bee's they took off. we had to walk about 2 miles to a hardware store to bye some wasp killer then walk back. we allmost killed our selfs that day from the posin wasp killer lol.

    ohh and make sure you use a power washer. easy and fast give the inside a little mist too.
  11. well im going to spray the undercarrarige tonight. and wash the car...then tomorrow ill spray the inside a little bit lol
  12. Bugs hate water.
    and so do our cars :(
  13. LOL, you could just drive the car more. Hard to build a web on something that's moving. ;)
  14. hard to drive a car with a busted trannie lol

    Well i sprayed the car today with water liek a MOFO

    Got the undercarraraige real good, and got the interio a little bit...hopefully no webs wwhen i get home.....if so im bombing the ****
  15. You would think so but my experience is otherwise. I had this spider who made a web stretching from my driver's side mirror to a wall in my driveway. I loaded the car and proceeded to drive from Amsterdam to Milan, a distance of 715 miles, much of which was through Germany where I averaged about 120 mph. The spider clung to the mirror with all his might for the duration of the trip (12+ hours because of accidents and construction and what not). When we got to ITaly, he immediately got busy with the new web. It was up and running by the next morning.
  16. So as you were driving you could see the spider?....nuh uh not me lol that focker would have been gone upon sight
  17. spiders

    Just got back from two weeks vacation. In my absence three black widows set up shop in my garage. Not in some corner but right where I walk! As I worked on the car after that every little tickle or itch felt like a spider crawling on me.

  18. Must be a Florida thing! Same happened on my coupe this summer. Black widow Spiders and wasps set up housekeeping in the fenderwells, in the bumpers, and under the car. :jaw:

    I threw on the car cover, rolled down the windows, and Raid-bombed the car from underneath. That seemed to kill everything. I found a half dozen webs with BIG widow eggsacks when I puled the fenders off. Just for good measure I used the garden insecticide sprayer to hose the underside of the car.
  19. See im thinking of bombing too lol

    But before i went to work this morning i hosed the underneath liek crazy with water so ill see if that helped...