spiders and bugs and webs OH MY......

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  1. My d*ckhead neighbor called the cops for my 67 being parked in front of my house, and I got a warning for being on the parked street more than 72 hrs without moving! I called the police and they said they based it on my neighbor's complaint and the amount of spider webs under the car. I told them that the webs form after just a couple of days, their answer was drive it more often or park in the driveway, next time he complains it will be a $125 ticket.
    I went under it with a broom and then sprayed the heck out of it, but the webs still come back after a few days. So I guess I'll just be driving it for more errands than before.
    Any suggestions on a good payback to my neighbor are appreciated.
  2. Hosing the spiders down won't help. Neither will sweeping away the webs. those little buggers are industrious and all the webs will be back in a day or two.

    Pesticide is your best friend.....:D
  3. Tried spray pesticide, guess it didn't get in the nooks and crannies enough. I wonder what the life span of a spider is? Maybe if I just keep driving it they'll die of old age before they can reproduce.

    My kid suggested herbicide...not for the car but for my neighbor's yard. He wants to do a covert late-night op and write a giant four letter word in his lawn and watch it slowly appear over a few days. No permanant damage but gets the point across. I might give the green light if I get another ticket.
  4. I picked this box up in my garage the other day and dropped it right before I touched the biggest black widow I've ever seen. I hesitated to kill it at first because there was an even bigger roach dead in it web. Nice to have a friend like that around. I definatly hate roaches a lot more then spiders.

    I heard something rustleing in the plastic I put up for my paint booth this morning. I went to investigate and jumped about ten feet when this huge a$$ roach comes flying out at me. I smacked that sucker down and fed him to the ants in the front yard who ate him alive.
  5. Your more scared of a roach then a black widow?.......wow man lol

    Well i took apart the WHOLE front end today....when i got home from work i didnt see no webs but i would imagine they work at night so ill see what happens in the morning.....if they are still there some raid will be used lol
  6. FIRE IN THE HOLE!!! bomb those suckas i hate roaches, but a bw will get me allllll riled up cept i can't run away from them i have to kill them they MUST DIE OR I WILL!!
  7. I just went out to snap some pics And i saw a spider makign his web to the ground...bout the size of my thumbnail.....i saw him...

    And damiit he saw me too and skurried back up into the rear bumper before i could get him...we made eye (eyes) contact.....he is mine
  8. I drive my '66 daily, since I got it 5 years ago. I have always had spiders. Inside and out. Not the same kind either. I got out of the car the other day and there was a lil green one on my backpack. Whenever I get up and go to work, I get to see all of the webs on the outside of my car. Going across the hood, doors, everywhere. About a month ago, I pushed the button to open the door and it was squishy. I killed an orange spider.

    On another note my 'lil brother also has a '66 and he has a mouse. He's seen it quite a few times while he was driving, scurrying around in the car.
  9. Get rid of the exhaust and go for glasspacks and side exhaust. Then leave for work early every day - at least an hour b4 he gets up... :D
  10. I had a chuckle at this thread yesterday.
    Last night I was under my car, pulling the driveshaft out. The temperature was about 85 - 90 F out here in Tucson. I had a fluorescent light under the car. I was lying in a bunch of shrivelled up bug corpses. The longer I was under the car, the more flies I could feel drinking my sweat. Finally some two inch long beetle thing flew under the car towards the lamp.
    I had to get out from under the car for a while to chill and change my shorts.
  11. I HATE those damn things! :lol:

    EVERY time i work with a spot light they start swarming :bang: hahahahaha
  12. I live in Tucson too. A couple of years ago I was under my 83 blazer doing a brake bleeding. The wife was pressing the pedal and talking on the phone with her mom while I worked the bleeders under the truck. I had a halogen light on the ground at the top of the driveway while I was working at the back of the truck. As I was under there, I saw a shadow of something move right above me. When I looked up, there was a Centipede scooting along about 2' from me. The lighting made it look even bigger as it cast a huge shadow. :eek:

    I did what any rough-tough 270lbs guy would do, I screamed like a girl and rolled out from under the truck ASAP. When I looked back I couldn't see the centipede, so I ripped of my shirt and was dancing around in the middle of the street. I was just sure it had gotten on me. :D

    My loving, supportive wife thought it was hilarious. :rolleyes: I guess seeing me jumping around in the middle of the street screaming like a chick would be pretty funnny though.

    BTW, this is what the centipedes look like here. We found a dead one in the house and killed one on the wall right before this happened. Yes, they are really this size:

    View attachment 443234
  13. Where's the GBM when you need him? :lol:
  14. Actually, I have. I dragged my '68 home from out in the Mojave desert and it was full of Black Widows. I lit off a couple of those nice water activated fumigators under it and the spiders were dead. They came back, but the gassers worked for a while. It helps a lot if you can enclose the car when you do it.

    EDIT: If you want to get rid of black widows the old fashoined way, wait until about 1-2hrs after dark. They will be out on the webs where you can see them. I wait and then either spray them or get some stress out with a stick.
  15. so i was transporting a large speaker from my shed in my cherokee, one with really big exhaust ports (the speaker, not the car). a couple of days later, i noticed that my seatbelt was frayed. i thought little of it and went on my way. a couple of days later the belt was so bad that it frayed all the way through. i went in to the jeep dealer to get a new belt oredered and on my way out, i found a huge dead pack rat just in front of my seat.

    also don't underestimate the power of a good shop vac when getting rid of bugs.
  16. :rlaugh: God you guys are cracking me up! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.
  17. Cool more Tucson guys!

    I found a black widow before I pulled the engine out my car, fixed her up with some WD-40 and then stepped on it =)

    i hate spiders so much and i rather mess with a snake then a spyder. Only way to get rid of them is find them and kill them.

    and as for your neighbor that is BS. pee on his door mat LOL

  18. I have found the best way to get rid of the black widows is WD-40 and a lighter, or carb cleaner and a lighter, or... oh anything flammable and a lighter :D I coat them first then send a flamethrower after them. It's quite amusing.

    I kinda like fire.
  19. :lol: :SNSign:
  20. My dad had some lady come and was complaing of a smell. My dad opened the hood and a mouse went flying out from under the hood. Turns out he was cooking on the intake manifold haha