spiders and bugs and webs OH MY......

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  1. they have indoor odorless bug bombers. roll up the winders fire that bad boy up and let em roast.
  2. My car is sitting too, and I had the same problem, but I soaked the crap out of it with bug spray. I don't want to be cruising along and feel the poison of a Black Widow going through my body. I tried spraying it off with water but they were back the very next day. I don't hate them, just don't want to share my space with them.:nice:
  3. I took my truck in for an oil change the kid came into waiting area and asked me if I wanted to change my airfilter apparently mouse got in air intake and made a nest - not sure if he' still running around in there or not.
  4. lmao thats hilarious :rlaugh: :lol: :rlaugh:
  5. another great post :rlaugh: :lol: :jaw:
  6. Sounds like all you Tucson guys live in town! 27 years and exactly 12 days ago I moved up there to go to college. Lived with my brother and his wife out on Cortaro Road between Silverbelle and where Cortaro turns south and dead-ends at Ina. (This was 7+ years before Continental Ranch took off). I ended up in various aprtments in "the nicer parts" :rolleyes: of town (Grant/Stone, Ft Lowell/Dodge, etc); and dealt with all the critters that lived there. When bro and sis-in-law moved back here to Yuma, I moved back into the old (rental) house; bringing my fiancee with me.

    The bugs/scorpions/"attack roadrunners" were nothing. Had to buy a new radiator, fan and shroud for my Gran Torino; because I could have taken a picture like Penguin posted, except it was a 3-1/2 foot Diamonback. :eek: The Holley wouldn't drop down out of "Cold-Start Fast-Idle"; so the damage was done before I finally figured out to grab the key and shut it down.
    Poor car stunk for a week before I finally found that last 6"chunk of rattler meat jammed between the starter and the cyl head.

    Also had a couple other rattlesnakes "die of lead poisoning"on the front porch, just so we could use the front door. A Winchester Mdl 12 makes a lot of noise in a living room with tile floor and little furniture; even if half of it is sticking out the door :p
  7. If the gunshot hurts your ears, a shovel is a lot quieter....:lol:
  8. This is true; but a shovel blow can be inaccurate; resulting in the snake getting pi$$ed off, rather than getting dead. A 12 gauge shell full of #8 shot drastically changes the odds in favor of "dead". :nice:
  9. I'm hoping there are none in my stang when I get here together. The Tremec's done so's the engine. I could put them in the stang tonight if I want. I think I'm down to needing a power steering hose and that's it.

    While my car sat my roommate stacked all kinds of bs on it. Boxes, trash, car parts off of his car, and tools. I've cleaned most of it off, but was real unhappy to see mouse droppings in one of the boxes I removed from the car.

    Dude if there is a mouse in there eating up my upholstery I am going to wig, but not as badly as I would if there were a roach nest in there.
  10. Mice will just tear the stuffing out of your seats, shred paper,(like registration cards) and crap/urinate everywhere. It's not just a mess, it stinks really bad too. There is an opening around the clutch rod where they get into my '68. The SVO gets them coming in under the cowl. I have trapped at least 40 mice in each Mustang over the last two years. Every spring and fall they get active/start breeding and the kill counter goes up some more.