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  1. I'm in the process of upgrading to 5 lug, what's the difference between 94-95 spindles and 99-04. Seems the SN's are more expensive, this is from local salvage yards.

    Does it matter which one I use?
  2. http://www.maximummotorsports.com/tech_front_susp_spindle_warning.aspx

  3. The 96-04 spindles are 8mm wider per side than 94-95 spindles.

    The 94-95 spindles are slightly wider than fox spindles. Not much, but a few mm. Not enough to be significant.

    I believe the number i've seen stated is that 96-04 spindles are 14mm more than the fox width each side. I don't have a source though.

    Also a significant difference in the steering arms

    For most applications, the 94-95 spindles are preferred. You can use any model spindle from those years. Cobra, V6, ABS, non-abs...makes no difference. Don't pay a premium for "Cobra" spindles though
  4. Seems like most of the popular 5 lug conversion kits are using 96-04 spindles. Did the FRPP M2300 kit use 94-95 spindles?
  5. That's because the 96+ spindles are all that's available.

    Ford tends to discontinue a lot of parts 10 years after they were last produced. (sometimes sooner) They discontinued the 1993 cobra intake manifold kit, in 2003. Around 2014, you might see Ford discontinue the 96-2004 spindle as it's last year of production was on a 2004 Mustang.

    Ford Racing supplied their kit originally with 94-95 spindles. (page 1...first two parts)
  6. If you look at pictures of 94-95 and 96-2004 spindles you will see where the difference in attaching points and it becomes fairly clear why the 94-95 is preferred. The 94/95 has a curved tie rod end vs. straight for the newer ones.

    Found this on the internet a while ago....

  7. Thanks for the help, the 94-95 spindles are $200 more for refurbished. I found them on line, not 1 JY has a complete set by me.
  8. You should really save up and do it with the 94-95 spindle setup - UNLESS you are planning to change k-members in the future, in which case 96+ may actually be preferred. Also, realize that the v6 model uses the same spindle, so you can always search craigslist for people parting out any 94-95 mustang to source the spindles.
  9. Price sure has climbed for those spindles. When i did my swap, $75-100 was the going rate for a pair
  10. Anybody used the late model disc brake/5lug kit? Pricey but I'm considering it
  11. Decent kit. It's using Ford OEM parts really. You can either buy the kit and get it all at once, or search around.

    Ford used to sell the front and rear kits as upgrade packaged. But, like everything else, they discontinued it. I bought my rear 5-lug axles and drums as a kit for $170. Toss in some Autozone mark 7 rotors for $40 each and i had a $300 5-lug conversion with brand new parts
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  12. if you find someone parting out a 94-95 stang, grab the front control arms also, that way you dont need to use a spacer on the ball joint, and the front arms are longer than the fox arms so you get a better camber curve. just be aware that you may have tire rub issues if you do that.
  13. Where's a good place to source the dust shields? Is that something that the local auto parts stores will carry?
  14. Noobz, did you try Rock Auto or PPI? Used try Eddyson,Prestige, or Flea Bay.
  15. Not yet... Just a question that occurred to me while I was reading this thread. I've been sitting on a nearly complete 5-lug conversion for several years that I've accumulated over time. Just gotta find the time to pull the trigger and get it all installed.
  16. I just bought mine from a guy on corral.net. They are beautiful. Come with dust shields, bolts and spacers. $200 He goes by the name 209pony.

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  17. Ford might have them. Ask for shields off a 2004 Mustang. They weren't that pricey if i recall. $15 or so each
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  18. I give that a try first. Thanks! :nice:
  19. Or just leave them off.