Spintech Side Exhaust - Installed

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 88GTStreetRod, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. Just put my Spintech side exhaust on. I also put on Hooker super comp full length ceramic coated headers with an off road h-pipe. I will post a sound clip soon. It is fairly loud at idle and crazy loud wide open. It has a hollow nascar sound to it. They are not as deep as my 2 chamber turndowns. The Spintech's are about the same loudness at idle and much more louder wide open over the 2 chamber turndowns. It has a very unique sound that I have never heard beofre on another stang.
  2. post pics of how it looks from the side to if you can. im interested to hear and see it!
  3. Couple of pictures:

  4. can we get a pic of the whole side of your car? How much did it cost you to do that?
  5. Yah, I have to wait until it stops raining to take pictures outside. I paid $439 for the mufflers and tips, brakets, etc... I had to buy the Spintech sub frames because my BBK's were to fat. The subframes cost $189 or around there. It bolts right onto x pipe or h pipe, very easy to instal. From the side at the right angle you can see the pipes under the car. I really wish you could not, but the sound is worth it. I am probably gonna trim the pipes so that they are flush with the body.
  6. Looks sweet.
    A whole side shot of the car would be great though.
  7. here is one more, I will post a better side shot on Sunday.

  8. i like it, looks sweet (and prolly sounds sweet?)
  9. I'm not usually a fan of bullits on foxes but the black ones look [email protected]$$ on your car. Very nice. :nice: The exhaust looks sweet too. It's cool to see something other that the norm. :D
  10. Looks bada$$.......I'll bet it sounds great too, spintechs are some awesome muffs!
  11. That's gorgeous... I almost blew my load. Awsome! Watch out for speedbumps though...
  12. Not familiar with BBK subs- define too fat? I want this kit like a bad habit but my MM subs are welded in from end to end, my seats are bolted through them, and my torque arm is mounted to them. They're permanent. I always recommended the SpinTech subs with their kit because in the un-installed pictures they looked so different from mine. but in your pics, I don't see the step. What's the deal, and what were the dimensions on your BBK's?
  13. let's get a soundclip!!!
  14. oh boy sound clip *licking chops* :rlaugh:
  15. I second the sound clip!!
  16. Geez! If you had a Dr. Gas off road X for your full lengths you would have my dream exhaust system........
  17. DAMN! I was seriously wanting to do the same thing with my coupe but i was on a tight budget and had to go with the MACs.....someday they will be mine...OH YES....they will be mine....
  18. The BBK hung down about an inch from the bottom of the car and were welded at both ends. So the subs had about an inch of clerance from the top of the sub to the bottom of the car the entire length. This inch took up way to much room for the side exhaust. The Spinteck subs hug the entire floor pan leaving clearance for the exhaust. The Spintech subs run the entire length of the car and are also bolted in at the seat post.