Spintech Side Exhaust - Installed

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by 88GTStreetRod, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. So you sent it and it went through? But I havent got it yet or something? Man this is confusing. So you dont have AIM or ICQ?

  2. Yah it sent ok on my end, I have no idea what AIM or ICQ is? I am pretty bad with the computer. It was a miracle that I was able to record the sound and save it as a file on my PC.
  3. Its AOL Instant Messanger

    Go to www.aol.com and download it and make a name. Give me the name and I will talk to you on there and you can send me the file and I will host it for you.

  4. i cant see any pictures??
  5. Sound clip provided thanks to 92GreenGT and his computer skills
  6. hella sweet sounds good. i like it.

    can i ask why you run 114 octane?

    Nice ride
  7. Man that thing sounds mean. I once installed a set of flowtech long tube headers on an F250 that had a 302 in it...ran two high-flow cats (no muffers) with side exit pipes and flared tips similar to those on the spintech system. It had a very similar sound although slightly louder.

    By the way, that is a pretty high quality sound clip compared to some of the ones on mustangexhaust.com and other sides, good work.
  8. Thats awesome mang! Sounds pretty darn mean too.

    BTW, What color paint is that, its sharp.
  9. Man that car sounds f****** sick what cam is that? now your next problem "I was actually thinking about selling it, my wife does not like the pipes near the window. I run 114 octain with no cats and she does not like the smell or the noise. I think it sounds sick, she is just too sensitive" that is what divorces are for :D Anyways i think i am going to order some spintechs now
  10. i've got some questions, what brand is your h-pipe? does the spintech side exhaust only work with certain mid-pipes? i want exact setup as you BUT i want x-pipe, will it have same sound at idle? i love that sound.....reminds me of what the cars at a drag strip sound like......:D
  11. wow the car, the exhaust, the sound... damn thats just sweet! :hail2:
  12. :damnit:
    If only I could hear it, damn computor won't play it. I tried everything?????
    All I can say man is nice car.... what's the drivetrain like?(Engine, Trans, Mods etc.)....details!!!
  13. yea PLEASE put all the details of your entire car in a sig 88gtstreetrod!!!!!
  14. How come I don't see the pictures when i go the the first page? I wanna see!
  15. He gave me a very nice list of performance parts. He even sent me a picture under the hood and I didnt save it.:lol: Stupid me, hopefully I will save it next time he I talk to him.

    BTW, I believe he said its a Dr. Gas X pipe. Have to look at the front of the thread.(im to tired to)

  16. nope he said he had offroad h-pipe bolted to full length hookers......anybody know where he orderd this stuff???
  17. I was hoping for side-exit but I might change my mind based on whether or not I want tons tickets or not. Side exhaust is illegal here in CT unless it came stock on the car (no matter what trim level... For example, I could put side-exit on a 2000 V6, because it came on the Cobra R, I believe).

    I'd be curious to know what to plan on doing though with the subframes I don't have yet if I want to run this exhaust. Sounds really nice and nobody I know of around here has it.
  18. REALLY... That's good to know. I was told the opposite due to loss of backpressure. Longtubes will fail emissions testing when it starts up, but if I want to run an offroad H, I guess I'm setting myself up for that anyway. I'll just save the stock parts and throw 'em back on every couple of years to test.

    I have heard that there is a problem accessing one of the transmission drain/fill plugs with longtubes. Anyone had this issue?