Spintech Side Exhaust - Installed

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  1. The paint is Scarlet red, it is original paint. The car just turned 20,000 miles. I used the clay bar system on the paint.

    The H-pipe is a MAC H pipe running off of Hooker long tube ceramic headers and spintechs. The spintechs will mount to any h or x pipe that is made for a stang.

    I ordered directly form Spintech at spintechmufflers.com

    I will post my mods once i get home.
  2. :eek: Ah my god!! That car is beautiful and the exhaust is great. :drool: I just wanna hear some dynomax bullets for comparison, but I think I'm hooked on the spintechs for my windsor. What muffler is that exactly or is it just a wholeset for side exhaust? What muffler would you recommend for my engine. I want LOUD, LOUD AS HELL(Something that will wake up the neighbors when i get up to go to school or work), with no flow restrictions.
  3. Sorry I have a Dr. Gas X-pipe with 2.5" exhaust.
  4. Sounds awesome... Do they make those kits for SN95's? :drool:
  5. I think Spintech makes a Pro Street muffler that suppose to be abnoxious. The Spintech side exit exhaust is sold as a kit i beleive.
    I will post another clip tonight of my car going down the road.

    Listed below are the mods for my car as requested:
    1.6 Stud Mount Roller Rockers
    17‚ÄĚHalibrand Cobra III Wheels
    180 Degree Thermostat
    1998 GT Front Brakes
    1998 GT Spindles
    24lbs Injectors
    255 LPH Fuel Pump
    4.10 Gears
    5 Lug Conversion
    70 mm Throttle Body
    75 mm Pro M Mass Air Meter
    9 mm Wires
    Accel Coil
    Anodized GT Shift Knob
    BBK Adjustable Fuel Regulator
    Billet Racing Pedals
    Cobra Mass Air Conversion/Cobra Computer
    Cobra Stainless Valve Covers
    Custom Chip
    Custom Grind E303 Cam
    Edelbrock Aluminum Performer RPM Cylinder Heads
    Edelbrock Performer RPM II Intake
    Edelbrock Performer RPM II Plenum
    Ford Motor Sports Aluminum Driveshaft
    Forged Pistons
    Hardened Push Rods
    High Torque Starter
    Hooker Super Comp Full Length Ceramic Headers
    LX Taillights
    MAC Cold Air Induction
    March Under Drive Pulleys
    MSDBTM Ignition System
    Off Road H Pipe
    Pillar Mount Auto Meter Oil And Fuel Pressure Gage
    SEFI Engine Harness
    Spintech Full Length Sub Frame Connectors
    Spintech Side Exhaust
    Steeda Springs
    Steeda Trax Shifter
  6. yea please post that clip! Im drooling on my keyboard thinking about it!
  7. are you home yet? :rlaugh:
  8. How about now?
  9. ironheart, im going to dent the pipe slightly to clear, grind the subframes or even a combination of both. spintech told me over the phone that i could grind my current ones, and it shouldn't be that much. so well see

    it should be here tomorrow, and ill be under the car until it works :lol:
  10. :OT: That paint job is hella nice! :nice:

  11. Sorry to bring a post back, but could someone send me the exhaust sound clip or repost it?


    [email protected]
  12. anyone save that exhaust clip?
  13. yeah.. yeah.. yeah.. hold your horses.. excuse the pun but I couldn't help myself.

  14. Yeh def, I want to hear this sound clip also.
  15. The video clip of my old car makes me wish I had it back. That car sounded great!
  16. :eek: :worship: .......................... :drool:

    Nuff said.

  17. hello new here like the spintech but i have already spent the money on SLP
    loud mouth but i am going to turn into a side exit with the spintech tips
    could anybody tell me where to get them
    not sure how to get my pics small enough to post but i will work on it
  18. straight from spintech.....what stlye? The cobra r or the oval?