Spoiler Delete Kit

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by Beau, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. no spoiler here as well

  2. Our gas just went up to $1.37 for 87, and $1.49 for 93 on base. :fuss: :D
  3. i hope to god you aren't complaining.... :rolleyes:

  4. It's horrible, a travisty, I'm very upset.

    :D j/k. It's friggin awsome. :banana: :nice:
  5. lol thank you.
  6. IM wasnt so lucky.. the dirt under my spoiler eched in to my paint.. so i have to get it painted.. bondo did the rest
  7. You SUCK :notnice: , $2.19 for 91 here :(
  8. Jesus.. 2.19

    got some the other day 1.39
  9. Yup, Hawaii has a ****ING conspiracy going on here.....soo much BS from the gas companies, you think that they could bottle that gas and sell it as a fuel alternative.
  10. There is a guy at the Gym that I go to that has a v-6 Stang without a spoiler. I asked him to trade Deciklids. Are they are hard to take off.
  11. Your car looks so nice :nice: with the delete. I would love to do that to my car but since I have a 99, my only GT logo is on my decklid. I wouldn't mind being a sleeper but I doubt anyone with a V6 would want a decklid with a GT logo on there (ricers excluded). Plus I would have to find someone with a Laser Red 99 Stang :(
  12. A window decal saying something like:

    "This trunk lid intentionally left blank"

  13. nope, just make sure you dont scratch it while taking it out :D

  14. its VERY easy to scratch your decklid as you pull the spoiler off...trust me :(
  15. ya, i put down masking tape under it then while pulling it off you gotta pull straight up :)

  16. i was VERY careful doing it, and it took out a very very small chip of paint, but i am going to use the touch up to fix it :nice:
  17. how did you pull that off? :(

    if i did it, i would get them bondo'ed and then repainted :)

  18. well it took out a really small amount of paint so i am going to use a toothpick dipped in touch-up to fix it
  19. Hell, before this thread started I picked up a lid for $125.00 locally. I'll keep the original lid and have one without.
  20. ?
    You plan on swapping them back and forth often? :scratch: